Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rules of Goodwill

I know there are a lot of people who question the amazingness that is Goodwill or 2nd hand shopping. For those who are "haters" or stick your nose up and look down upon it. Your missing out. I promise you that.

For those willing to take the dive here are MY rules to make every trip successful:

1.) What you wear

Remember to wear light and comfy clothes. Something that easy to slip in and out of. Don't wear tights or leggings. Jeans are best. Also, wearing a plain white shirt works best when trying on jeans, skirts, or shorts.

2.) Trying on everything

Don't be fooled by the sizes. Say you are a "8" and you see a dress that is marked "6" or "12", try it on anyways, you might be surprised.

3.) Don't be a bag lady!

Don't bring a huge purse or bag. It sucks carrying it around and keeping track off it.

4.) Go Cart!

Grab a shopping cart. You might be going into the Goodwill looking only for, let's say black shorts, but grab a cart anyways, you never know!

5.) Bring your own shopping bag

The Goodwill shopping bags are made of plastic and are huge. Be a friend to the earth and bring your own bag to be your goodies in.

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