Tuesday, April 22, 2014

all day you say.

A day of strange weather but good news.

For example - my favorite play/musical is coming to Seattle: Passing Strange. I am a nerd of musicals but Passing Strange more than a musical. It's so epic!

 photo IMG_5632_zpsac596c43.jpg photo IMG_5633_zps600ffccc.jpg 

Excuse my nerd moment on to the fashion. Just purchased this Adidas crop top. Got it for full price $32 but I haven't been doing any wild shopping (besides shoes... but those don't count!) so I wanted to treat myself.

 photo IMG_5663_zps10028d5f.jpg  photo IMG_5664_zpsa1b2dc9e.jpg 

Not to mention - I got a new job! Hey Oh!

 photo IMG_5639_zps9c6c0a5e.jpg photo IMG_5654_zps8474583b.jpg

My friend MJ does this awesome nail event at her job called #TopCoat (check out the hashtag on instagram) She did my nails on Friday night so they look pretty good for surviving a weekend with me.

 photo IMG_5657_zps4e416ecb.jpg  photo IMG_5658_zpse5069664.jpg  photo IMG_5659_zps53eb7b44.jpg  photo IMG_5660_zpsf845892c.jpg  photo IMG_5661_zps32766c3b.jpg  photo IMG_5662_zps1dff9676.jpg 

And yes that is a #selfie necklace.

 photo allday_zps3d94804c.jpg

Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $4.00 x Shoes (Macy's)
DIY high waisted shorts x ADIDAS Crop Top
#selfie necklace

Friday, April 18, 2014

quick trippin'

 photo IMG_5588_zpsaf3ef089.jpg

Just got back from a night in Portland where I saw Questlove DJ. I never understand why people always said seeing this artist or that artist live changed their lives until I saw Questlove. The man is a genesis!

 photo IMG_5583_zpsba3a0193.jpg photo IMG_5589_zps52164e4c.jpg

I've never danced so hard in my life. I've danced that long either. He did a heavy and super packed set. Started at 11 sharp ended at 2 AM. Worth every penny, worth every second.

 photo photo2_zps8de8504f.jpg photo photo1_zpsa15dea06.jpg 
(excuse my crappy iPhone photos)

Best part of going to Portland though is all the Nike Outlet malls. I don't regret a thing. But my bank account might...

 photo IMG_5622_zps5bd36387.jpg  photo IMG_5624_zps32ec8d2b.jpg

Ladies - quick tip for the summer time. If you are like me (well invested in the boob area) wearing a cute color bra with a pop of color is ideal for a tank like this. No matter what I wear in the summer, my bra always makes it way through. So I might as well use it to my advantage.

Even if you don't have big boobs - showing your bra a little is not bad! Shit happens.

   photo IMG_5616_zpsa333bca6.jpg  photo IMG_5618_zpse233a2a2.jpg  photo IMG_5619_zpsfa4616bd.jpg  photo IMG_5623_zps3b7c66ea.jpg photo IMG_5620_zpsd8323413.jpg  photo IMG_5621_zpsa00fcde0.jpg  photo quicktrip_zpsc3a5ab94.jpg

Shoes (Air Max) Nike Outlet $50 x Leggings (Target)
Tank (H&M) $5.00 x Chain (Forever 21)

Monday, April 14, 2014

playing bull

 photo photo2_zpse44d921c.jpg 

The Boyfriend went to see Schoolboy Q (I gave up my ticket so his best friend could go. I know. But I knew his friend would have more fun than me) BUT I got to go to my friend Avi Loud's first solo show.

He's such a wonderful photographer. The shit he does with black and white is so ahead his years. Really proud of him. I also getting super excited when I see people who aren't from Seattle reblog or post his work on tumblr. Showing off Seattle's true talented people!

 photo photo4_zpse4ae3fac.jpg  photo photo3_zps9c86c35b.jpg  photo photo1_zps9fb9fa34.jpg

On a guttersnipe note - I bought this Jordan jersey at one of my favorite thrift stores in Washington State - Urban Xchange. I've been meaning to write a guttersnipe review but been slacking. Promise I'll get that up this week and tell you all about this Tacoma hidden gem.

 photo IMG_5566_zps535b39b4.jpg photo IMG_5579_zpsce03ce3f.jpg

 photo IMG_5560_zps099a09c9.jpg photo IMG_5559_zpsc796304f.jpg  photo IMG_5571_zpsf20530b5.jpg  photo IMG_5572_zpsd80103d7.jpg  photo IMG_5577_zps751a26b1.jpg  photo IMG_5578_zpsce87c692.jpg  photo playingbull_zps477e72a3.jpg

Pants (American Apparel) x Shoes (Target) $35.00
Jersey (Urban Xchange - Tacoma) x Jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
Purse (Topshop)