Tuesday, May 26, 2015

couldn't tell you where i've been

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I wonder if anyone still reads this blog or keeps tabs on it. For those selected VIP few that do HI! It's been awhile. I missed you.

I moved, again. Still LA living but in a different neighborhood. Was able to check out my local goodwill and of course came across some come ups!

  photo IMG_6682_zpskxm6kntj.jpg photo IMG_6684_zpsnnj9jnew.jpg photo IMG_6683_zps6crh3gqh.jpg   photo IMG_6685_zpswvymxwhu.jpg  photo IMG_6686_zpsdmalmbsv.jpg  photo IMG_6688_zpsojm6jurl.jpg  photo IMG_6689_zpse8i8go1d.jpg  photo IMG_6690_zps96lzlisb.jpg  photo IMG_6691_zps5yb3wvgj.jpg  photo IMG_6692_zps8sic7pad.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zpsnftqrhy6.jpg 

Because I sometimes love dressing like a little boy and can honestly, pull it off. Copped both jerseys for $4 each. So that's right 8 dollars.

 photo IMG_6699_zpsxt9izlsg.jpg  photo IMG_6700_zpsc0q3zdvo.jpg  photo IMG_6701_zps3jdo8lgt.jpg  photo IMG_6702_zps2op9oy8t.jpg

Also this happen. No longer a blueberry now a pastel unicorn, rose gold, pink blonde, cotton candy sunset.

Went from this                                                                     To this
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Still writing for FRANK151. I talk shit and get paid to do it. Not to mention still heavy on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.