Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cozy like cosby sweater

Everyone thinks of Bill Cosby when the think of crazy wild sweaters. True. However sometimes I can't help but think about Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable) He had some AMAZING fits on The Cosby Show.

 photo Theo02_zpscb10c4e0.jpg photo Theo01_zps75fabbf9.jpg
 photo Theo01-1_zpsfa16b6c8.jpg
 photo Theo03_zpscc4fdbd3.jpg photo Theo01-2_zps3c720f89.jpg

But of course if we do talk Cosby fashion I have to mention Lisa Bonet a.k.a. Denise Huxtable. Overall they were one of the most stylist families. Swag for years.

   photo Denise01_zpsf6a46f40.jpg photo lisa_zps43d89e46.jpg
 photo d9_zpsda17fc01.png 
 photo tumblr_mft1l2l2AX1s1nbfmo3_1280_zps885905f4.jpg photo 8633cd202ba1b13fdd24833190110e38_zps837ec195.jpg 

Thrift stores are THE best place to find these fashion because well... Thrift stores and 2nd shops are made up of the past. Fashion always comes full circle people. I know this because places like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Top Shop, and even Nordstrom BP are always selling clothes that look old and "dated" to a certain era. But me, I can't buy those items full price knowing good and well I can find a one-of-a-kind item at my local Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3875_zpsc8bf5744.jpg photo IMG_3876_zps16d95a6e.jpg 

Case in point: I found my own cosby/denise/theo sweater for $4.50. You truly can't bet that price.

 photo IMG_3877_zps7c9005a2.jpg photo IMG_3878_zpsbf73a3f9.jpg 

"Before you buy - a goodwill you must try." guttersnipe proverb

 photo cozylike_zps2a05bfe5.jpg

Timerland boots x pants (TopShop)
Sweater (Goodwill) $4.50 x necklace (Forever 21)

Monday, November 25, 2013

so preppy, it's bad.

"Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good." - RZA

This sweater is super preppy, but I like it. Now I wouldn't call my style preppy. Actually I wouldn't know exactly what to call my style. Guttersnipe is truly the closest adjective I can use to describe it. And if someone didn't know what I meant then it would be a great excuse to direct them to just check the blog.

 photo IMG_3844_zps818c4fc4.jpg  photo IMG_3843_zps296b6bcc.jpg


I work every day but Thursday so styling posts is on the back burner (which is a bummer) but I am trying my hardest. Tonight thankful it's a movie night.

  photo IMG_3846_zps0c00e80b.jpg  photo IMG_3845_zps3ef62ba7.jpg 

 photo sopreppy_zpsc6a6d6d7.jpg

Disco Pants (American Apparel) $16.00 x Shoes (Target) $15.00
Sweater (Salvation Army) $8.50
Earrings (Sally's Beauty Supply Store) $1.00

Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now

5. Oversized gray sweaters
 photo large_zps3089aa27.jpg
I've been craving these lately. Gray is one of my favorite colors (hard to believe) and the oversized look is not just trending but also ideal for even the coldest of winters. Layer up!

 photo large-3_zpsa2fbe579.jpg
4. "Street Ninja" Style
Black is the new black. It's not a new idea or anything but it's most def the "cool thing." I've never been worried about being cool let alone looking cool HOWEVER wearing all black is an ideal resort when you truly feel like you have NOTHING to wear. I described it on my twitter as so:
There is a new fashion trend among Seattle girls. I call it "street ninja apparel" #AllBlackEverything WITH #ALittleBitOfGold #guttersnipe
 photo large-5_zpsbdcc9a41.jpg

 photo large-4_zpsf40fb72f.jpg
They have been my favorite new band in awhile. Been bumping their CD for sometime now and doesn't get old. Best way to describe their music as so:
Most frequently compared to Fleetwood Mac, HAIM's sound has been described as "nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B"[3] and "music that sounds like it was written on a lakeside retreat attended by Stevie Nicks, John Waite and En Vogue".

2. Thanksgiving
 photo large-2_zps80c07230.jpg
A holiday I think people over look (mostly because of the god awful history behind it) but for me I am thankful for it because it's a nice pause before the Christmas rush. Now, don't get me wrong: I LOVE Christmas! Absolutely CRAZY about it. It's my favorite time of year but come on people! Don't tired it out. Can't we just eat some turkey and 7-Up cake first?!

1. The Xbox One
 photo large-1_zpse3b09d85.jpg
Surprised? So am I.

BUT Ladies and gentleman; don't stress when your love one is too busy playing this to hang out with you. I, personally, am loving it. Don't get me wrong; I love my boyfriend. But screw ladies' night it's about to be ladies weekend!

Oh and because the boyfriend got an Xbox one I got his old Xbox 360. So truly, it's a win-win.     

that coat

 photo IMG_3809_zpsdba97796.jpg

Haven't been able to do any style posts because I've been:
a.) sick
b.) busy

I am working on a new blog with my best friend j.mena. It's a social blog about Seattle called "2 girls walk out of a bar" There's no post yet... but we are working on them. The project/the blog is to show people a whole another side of Seattle's social scene. All the happening weird art shows, events, concerts, and actives that go down in this fine (overlooked) city. That "going out" isn't just for the weekends. And you don't always have to go to the bars. There's more out there you know!

 photo IMG_3806_zpsf9b4788f.jpg  photo IMG_3807_zps8751d526.jpg 

For now I've been working non-stop and enjoying my days off.

Today was freezing cold! But it wasn't rainy; an ideal day to wear this fantastic leopard print jacket my mother got me last christmas. It not only keeps me warm but is super stylist. My mom has great taste. I got it from her. (p.s. it's where I got these great boots from too. She owns them, I just borrow.)

 photo IMG_3799_zps55ebda1b.jpg  photo IMG_3805_zpseccb6965.jpg 

Today was yet another prefect explain of a #guttersnipe golden rules:

 photo IMG_3808_zpsf136e9da.jpg  photo IMG_3810_zpsc0c44f14.jpg    photo thatcoat_zpsbc980ef7.jpg

UNIF Leopard Print Jacket x beanie (freebie)
boyfriend's sweatshirt x leggings (American Apparel) $16.00
Boots (Sorry mom! Will return them)
Necklace (Forever 21) $4.50

Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY: Button Statement Pants

OK! It's a lazy sunday night. It's cold and rainy. So today would be prefect for yet another DIY.

 photo jimi-hendrixx_zps024063c1.jpg

I did this one the same day as my text tee with lace. You could say I was in a really creative mood that night. I wanted to wait and post if for the prefect moment. And since I just made a pair for my mom, why not post about it now!

 photo article-1193752-01D9DC8E00000578-761_468x699_zpsa6889e1a.jpg

This DIY was inspired by Seattle's own Jimi Hendrix. There's no denying how talented, sexy, and stylish he was. Someone who truly went to the beat of his own drum. Back then people had no idea what to think of his clothes. But now a days he's a style icon.

While I was watching this phenomenal PBS special on him I was completely floored by his fashion. I loved how wild, bold, unique, colorful, and loud it all was.. He wasn't afraid to mix and match, wear strange shades of color. He played with layers, accessories, and even did some gender bending with some of his more feminine pieces. He didn't care. He just knew he could pull it all off.

 photo 600full-jimi-hendrix-1_zpsa9111a4c.jpg  photo jimi-hendrix-experience-classic-60s-psychedelic-rock-music-photo-9g_zps1232f486.jpg 

But best of all was the tiny details that went into all his looks. For example; buttons at the bottom of his jeans.

Hence this DIY.

 photo IMG_3632_zpsb77c0735.jpg

All you need;
pants (or leggings - I used legging pants from H&M that were on sale)
safety pins (optional)
thread the color of your pants

 photo IMG_3637_zpsb2f96d85.jpg photo IMG_3635_zpsf1d14ec3.jpg

(I loved these buttons because they have unicorns on them if you look close enough. Item for me!)

 photo IMG_3633_zpsdfe22762.jpg

1. place using the safety pins, pin your buttons in space. The buttons should be pinned on the seam of the pants. Evenly space on both legs.
 photo IMG_3638_zps1f6b80bb.jpg

2. You can keep the safety pin in place if you are worried about it moving around or remove during the sewing process. Use the seam to your advantage, sewing into it.
 photo IMG_3639_zps84a3dce2.jpg photo IMG_3641_zps44096f41.jpg

3. Keep placing each leg next to each other to check for all the buttons being evening.
 photo IMG_3640_zps096637f2.jpg photo IMG_3647_zpscaa2c07b.jpg

4. Wear & Share!
 photo IMG_3649_zpse43f2bf3.jpg

This DIY is so delicate and tiny but once people notice it's a true POP to any outfit. Best part you can do this to any boring plain pair of pants to lively them up. And mix and match with the buttons you use.

 photo IMG_3653_zpsa66fe6bc.jpg photo IMG_3654_zpsc4e9b12b.jpg
 photo IMG_3656_zpsfd0beab5.jpg photo IMG_3657_zpscab2e659.jpg