Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the day before

 photo IMG_8314_zpsaec7223b.jpg

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I am wearing shorts. I am never going to really get use to this LA weather. I am a fall & winter girl. The colder the better.

Thanksgiving eve in shorts. This shit is a head trip.

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I get to go home so lord knows I am not wearing this on the plane...

 photo IMG_8310_zps99137cc6.jpg

 photo IMG_8315_zps684cbb22.jpg photo IMG_8312_zps1664ecc3.jpg 
 photo IMG_8292_zps3616e111.jpg  photo IMG_8288_zps74ebb0a3.jpg 
   photo IMG_8308_zpsb83c1dd5.jpg  photo IMG_8307_zps18bb9e67.jpg  photo IMG_8303_zpsa8dbdf4c.jpg  photo IMG_8300_zpsb53a4a85.jpg  photo IMG_8299_zps4299d7e3.jpg  photo IMG_8298_zps71aecac4.jpg  photo IMG_8280_zps53316338.jpg  photo IMG_8274_zps3242b6a5.jpg
Shoes: NIKE SB AIR JORDAN 1 (Alive & Well) 
Shorts (Goodwill) $4.00 x Shirt (Bodega Boston)
Beanie (H&M) $6

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

wash & dry.

Laundry day! So we had to keep it simple today while I wash everything else.

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 photo IMG_8257_zpsdab96079.jpg photo IMG_8246_zpsbc0e210f.jpg

I am getting use to this LA "fall" weather which starts at 6 PM and goes until 8 AM. That's pretty much it. It just gets cold at night and in the shade. I can't wait to go home for thanksgiving and get some rain in my diet.

As well as some good eats...

 photo IMG_8263_zps4180cdb0.jpg  photo IMG_8264_zpscb9c46e8.jpg
 photo IMG_8266_zpsd1f83ea8.jpg  photo IMG_8267_zps92f0866c.jpg 
 photo IMG_8247_zps722a8ded.jpg photo IMG_8241_zps0753ea01.jpg

Air Max 90s (Undefeated LA)
Overalls H&M x Shirt (t-shirt pack from costco - DIY crop top)
earrings DIY

Monday, November 24, 2014

LA girl still in Seattle's finest

 photo IMG_8177_zps365dcdb4.jpg

Might be living in Los Angeles but I am still a Seattle girl from my Timberlands to my flannel. But now I can literally wear my flannel just as a jacket and still... it's hot.

 photo IMG_8234_zps6d3acc6d.jpg

I have a feeling people don't know what to do with me or my style in this city. But I could careless. It's been fun here!
 photo IMG_8172_zps3ddf62c3.jpg  photo IMG_8173_zps6b445643.jpg  photo IMG_8174_zps7370e1d1.jpg   photo IMG_8218_zps447d2d3f.jpg  photo IMG_8223_zps146f028a.jpg
 photo IMG_8232_zpse41dfc43.jpg  photo IMG_8233_zps1e5cc11f.jpg
 photo IMG_8238_zpsce6afb15.jpg  photo IMG_8240_zps2fc2f84d.jpg 

 photo IMG_8224_zpsa4c888b7.jpg  photo IMG_8226_zpsafcb1677.jpg
Timberlands x dress (LA goodwill) $10
Flannel (Forever 21) $10 x Cheap Monday Necklace (Zebra Club- Seattle)  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

another attempted

Let's try again, shall we?

This is from Sunday night. As you can image I've been going out a lot since living here. I stopped making awful decisions with money because more than ever I am balling on a budget. Like the world's tightest budget. But still - making broke look good.

 photo IMG_8139_zps7e219fa7.jpg

Sunday we caught a great happy hour, my friend Jen had people visiting so we kicked it, then went to the Laugh Factory. The Laugh Factory is one of my favorite places in LA. Makes me want to stand up but honesty, never will. Just a place to gain material and inspiration from.

 photo IMG_8138_zps1a607fbb.jpg photo IMG_8141_zpsfcd29662.jpg  photo IMG_8147_zpse2b71e58.jpg photo IMG_8160_zps7f9d9c25.jpg
 photo IMG_8163_zps3973c1b2.jpg  photo IMG_8165_zps09d02ab9.jpg 
 photo IMG_8167_zps5bf9afd3.jpg  photo IMG_8169_zpsd5ef3dde.jpg photo IMG_8168_zpse52e9d8e.jpg 
 photo IMG_8157_zps442b408e.jpg photo IMG_8152_zps4025f1fd.jpg

Timberland x American Apparel Pants
H&M shirt x Hand Me Down Jean Jacket