Monday, March 25, 2013

there's a weekend for that

 photo IMG_7291_zps2d9a58c4.jpg

This was a good ass weekend.

theesatisfaction show, hello kitty scented temporary tattoos, movies, random dance parties, day trip for the bombest doughnuts, great food, and a good old fashion home grown sleep over with hella snacks. HELLA snacks.

 photo IMG_7294_zps7247d3a7.jpg

Then my camera broke. Whatever. So bitter sweet, it kills me.

   photo IMG_7300_zps3fcc0b81.jpg  photo IMG_7304_zpsdbdcb9da.jpg  photo IMG_7306_zps3ed8abdb.jpg photo IMG_7305_zps0af34e0d.jpg   photo IMG_7314_zps16b908ec.jpg  photo IMG_7315_zpsf422e038.jpg  photo IMG_7318_zps6849d5c9.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpsbc637102.jpg  photo IMG_7324_zps9c78a190.jpg  photo IMG_7346_zps4896ba5e.jpg  photo IMG_7347_zpsd3e661b7.jpg  photo IMG_7356_zpsb874e360.jpg   photo IMG_7360_zps0a344436.jpg 
 photo IMG_7359_zpseef672b8.jpg
 photo theresweekend_guttersnipe_zpscce529d8.jpg

Jeans (Target) $9.00
Shirt (Alive & Well)
Sweater (Salvation Army) $2.75

Friday, March 22, 2013


It's beginning to act like spring. I mean it did snow yesterday, but whatever. It's hella sunny.

 photo IMG_7273_zpsbe86d6d1.jpg  photo IMG_7276_zps4b3882d8.jpg  photo IMG_7282_zps6fb1c028.jpg  photo IMG_7285_zps12ac22e1.jpg 

 photo IMG_7260_zps3f0c4c3d.jpg  photo IMG_7265_zpse5c41405.jpg

This great sweatshirt is from the lovely people at Infinite Creations Clothing. They follow me on tumblr so I thought I would check out their line. I love it! The sweater is not only comfortable and super soft but I mean it's beauty! It's just so SHINY!

Thanks guys! I am one happy guttersnipe.

If you are a clothing line or artist please let me know, I love checking out people's work. Clothing, music, art, poetry, writing, etc. Just let me know! Drop me a line in my tumblr ask box or comment below.

 photo IMG_7286_zps216bcb52.jpg  photo IMG_7289_zps55ba3503.jpg 

Also my sister and her boyfriend just came back from a little vacation to New York.  Since I house sat my sister had a little thank you gift for me; it's a hello kitty skin for my phone. It works perfectly with my brass knuckles case already. An ideal mix of sweet and tough.

 photo drippingold_guttersnipe_zps7b1d697c.jpg

Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00
Leggings (Target) $9.00

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"camera ready"

Today I had a in studio interview with darling Mary Lambert and wonderful Amy Wheeler from Hedgebrook event about the event we will all be taking part on April 9th.

 photo tumblr_mk11j5Tt2V1qbpf7qo1_500_zpsf69afe2e.jpg

I got to get all fancy and get my make up done! I felt like a princess. Not a bad feeling y'all. Not a bad feeling at all.

After that I got some down time to myself then headed to work, so I need an outfit that could once again keep up with my business day. Clausal, simple, elegant. A more refine guttersnipe side of me.

 photo IMG_7127_zps0ea763d7.jpg  photo IMG_7129_zps98c3957b.jpg    photo IMG_7170_zps02c6e76c.jpg photo IMG_7162_zps64c57a24.jpg

ALSO! Please check out my first Married To The Mob blog post. And stay tuned for more posts to come.

 photo cameraready_guttersnipe_zps2feb952a.jpg

Top (LA Flea Market) $9.00
Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00
Flannel (Target) $15.00
Jacket (Salvation Army) $4.00
Jeans (birthday)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 things I am in love with.... right now

5. Powderberries
I could and have eaten a whole bag of these in a day. Best part is not feeling guilty about it afterwards. Once you start; You Can Not Stop!
 photo TJpowerberries400_zps556e9b76.jpg

4. Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013 Collection
As seen in her latest music video, bad ass female rapper iggy azalea is sporting some Jeremy Scott for Adidas but it's the fabulous D&G Spring/Summer collection that floors me. The collection to me reads like a great summer romance. Like if Miami in the 60's had a baby with a futurist renaissance painter.

3. Temporary tattoos
I posted about it yesterday, but I am loving temporary tattoos. Seeing as I don't have any real tattoos, I like just being a bad ass with a goofy cupcakes or a hello kitty. I think it's because all of the nannying I've been doing lately. Kids LOVE temporary tattoos. (and parents love that they wash off...)
 photo IMG_7081_zps0f090a27.jpg

2. Spring Breakers/The Bling Ring
Growing up the movies there every talked about that were hated by our parents was KIDS and Thirteen. Now I feel like there is a more new recent wave of questionable raw, outlandish films on the rise. And I ain't mad at it!

1. Chance the Rapper
I learned about Chance back in 2012 when he did a song with Legit called "Such a Thing." Since then he has yet to disappoint. With his mix tape 10 Day (which is free to download) it's a light hearted honesty depiction look at some serious problems that I feel like a lot of kids can relate too. Not to mention his newest single "Juice" has become a favorite of my mother. Yeah. My mother approves.

 photo 10DAY_zpsa90ce25d.jpg 

Friday, March 15, 2013

brain cells

It's been a long week.

Couldn't you tell?

It's not raining, so I take that it's going to be a good day. It's also the weekend. But it's also St. Patrick's weekend, so that means I have to work.

 photo IMG_7065_zps41c19ac8.jpg  photo IMG_7066_zps766de48b.jpg 
 photo IMG_7044_zpsf54836c3.jpg  photo IMG_7048_zpsfa0257c9.jpg

I really liked this polka dot shirt I got at goodwill awhile back. It reminded me of Supreme's Polka Dot collection. I wanted the hoodie in white or navy but I don't have "that" kind of money. So I just found that would make me just as happy for waaaaaay less.

True guttersnipe.

 photo 2093xux_zps8cd45bde.jpg

 photo IMG_7049_zpsd020d3cd.jpg  photo IMG_7053_zps40aae338.jpg
 photo IMG_7072_zps18fd61ed.jpg  photo IMG_7079_zpsd3dfc153.jpg

 photo brain_cells_zps78fa3dd2.jpg
Shoes - (Goodwill Outlet) $1.00
Leggings - (Target) $9.00
Polka Dot Shirt - (Goodwill) $3.50
Leopard Print Shirt - (Salvation Army) $2.50
Necklace (Goodwill) $1.50
Jacket - (deseret industries) $1.00

 photo IMG_7081_zps0f090a27.jpg
 also excuse my super dirty fake hello kitty tattoo.

Monday, March 11, 2013

sunday eatday

Sunday is meant for sleeping in, eating, 50's cheesy teen movies, eating, reading magazines, eat, work on an art project, forget your work out plan, get food, being goofy, food, and eating more.

This is what I wore yesterday when I kicked it with my girl Kim.

 photo IMG_6892_zps90f971df.jpg photo IMG_6894_zps6a9a70c1.jpg

   photo IMG_6870_zpsbb13712a.jpg photo IMG_6874_zpsb8340bec.jpg
 photo IMG_6896_zps4d205dac.jpg photo IMG_6900_zps51d8aa00.jpg 

Do I feel like an extra from either West Side Story, Cry Baby, Hairspray or American Graffiti? Why yes, I do. 

I feel like another person whenever I wear my signature color of leopard print. Like hide your cookies and your boyfriends; cuz I'll steal both.

 photo dancenumber_guttersnipe_zps865d2033.jpg

Shoes (Goodwill Outlet) $1.00
Pants (Forever 21) $7.00
Flannel (Target) $9.00
Shirt (Salvation Army) $1.50
Jacket (Deseret Industries) $1.00