Monday, January 6, 2014

Fifty Thrifty

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Every year, around this time, my best friend Jackie and I make a massive thrifting journey. We wake up fairly early and go to the best secret spots outside the city.

This time though I gave myself a budget because one of my goals in 2014 is to be smarter about money, saving, and being more aware of my spending happens. Hence this idea of "Fifty Thrifty!"

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Armed with $50, my camera, and a plan - we set out on our adventure! (note - not everything pictured are things I bought. Inspired Thrifting Eye Candy.)

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4 hours, 3 stores, and 2 very stuffed bags later I came up in the world. (As did Jackie - it was a good hunting day) Now, not only did I find some great items for myself but also came across amazing pieces I can sell. (You know, make that money back) AND I still have $3.76 left of my original $50. 

Not bad.

 photo DSC_0001_zpsd6e602e4.jpg photo DSC_0008_zpsc2d8d2a5.jpg photo DSC_0002_zpsfa5ae229.jpg 
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 photo DSC_0009_zps5a4c7def.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zpsdc366d11.jpg  photo DSC_0011_zps11f79ab2.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zps402814dc.jpg  photo DSC_0013_zps4fc83ae9.jpg  photo DSC_0014_zpsd2c5ab57.jpg  photo DSC_0015_zps4a3875e9.jpg  photo DSC_0016_zps8e9b001e.jpg  photo DSC_0017_zps5dc78842.jpg   photo DSC_0019_zps5c4ce255.jpg

*Label Mates -
LOOK AT LABELS! I can't stress this enough. If you see an item in great or even fairly good condition check the label to see if it's a super nice brand. Case in point - I found this Pendleton Blazer for $10 and usually they could run at least $45-60 at high end Thrift stores.

 photo DSC_0003_zpsb37dd7e7.jpg 

*Another example - This label just looked mad fancy and cool to me, so I picked it up. Then I googled the brand and found out these jackets can run for $700 - $1,500 full retail! Which means I can sell this bad boy for a very pretty pretty penny.

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*What2Wear - I think I've touched on the subject of what you should wear when you going thrifting before but just a reminder here you go:

A sweatshirt/baggy/or cozy shirt that is easy to take off & on.
Tank top under shirt so you can keep that on while trying things on too.
Leggings (That way you don't need to take them off when you try pants on)
Comfy shoes that are easy to take off & on. (Don't forget socks!)
NO accessories! Do not be distracted by that stuff. Notice - no earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings.

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  photo IMG_4230_zpscc6d1e99.jpg photo IMG_4234_zpsd124ddc7.jpg  photo IMG_4240_zpsb1881359.jpg  photo IMG_4242_zpsd93b23e6.jpg   photo IMG_4244_zpseb02389b.jpg  photo IMG_4245_zps58cc1f3e.jpg    photo fiftytrify_zpsf3da418f.jpg

The sweatshirt (gift from my mommy - Christmas. As you may know I LOVE skulls.)
Leggings (Target) x Converse
Flannel (Goodwill) x Jean Jacket (Goodwill)
Tank Top (underneath - H&M)

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