Saturday, January 4, 2014

something about layers

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Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years. Mine was wonderful! Super chill which is an ideal way to start the New Year. I went to The Flavr Blue show at Crocodile with my girl Gabby and the boyfriend. I took as many Polaroids and Photo Booth pictures as I could. (You know if you follow my Instagram)

(This song takes me back to last January. Please excuse my nostalgic moment.)

But this day - Ah! A day off. I didn't get to sleep in but there's something nice about an early Saturday morning when you don't have to work. The ultimate lazy. Just take things at a very slow, steady pace.

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I think I am going to make Rose Gold my color for 2014. I mean my name is all over it. Literally. The watch is one from Nordstrom Rack and this great necklace is from Zebra Club, the brand Cheap Monday (one of my favorites) I mean, I thought that this paperclip necklace was made for a writer like me.

You could never go wrong with layers. You can certainly go overboard but never wrong. And coffee - is the best accessory.
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Boots (mother's) x Leggings (American Apparel) $16.00
Tank Top (H&M) x gray sweater (Hand-me-down)
Button up (Salvation Army) x Army Jacker (Surplus) $5.00

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