Sunday, August 31, 2014

two day

The 2nd day of bumbershoot! I was performing along aside my mentor/pen pal Tom Robbins. I was also able to catch my favorite guy Schoolboy Q who gave such a great and hilarious performance. (Of course keeping up with the twitter and Instagram is always where the juicy stuff is.)

But the rest of the day was easy, relax, downtime. Visited flat stock (again), checked out some of the film festival, and made my way to the visual art tents.

Overall t'was a good day.

   photo IMG_7458_zpsc3da2b06.jpg photo IMG_7471_zpscf800a35.jpg photo IMG_7476_zps45257ad3.jpg photo IMG_7477_zpsa46d7b4c.jpg 

So... this is one of my favorite new shirts. I got it back when I visited my girl at Pipe + Row. I call it my Clueless shirt because it reminds me when Cher she declares - "Lucy! Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It’s my most capable looking outfit"

Yeah. It's that amazing.

 photo IMG_7478_zpsb18ba7fb.jpg  photo IMG_7479_zps0aa67a7c.jpg  photo IMG_7480_zps9a59b1f6.jpg  photo IMG_7481_zps13bcf4c7.jpg  photo twoday_zpsf1feb961.jpg

Timberlands x Jeans (Zara)
Shirt (Pipe + Row) x Jacket (army surplus) $5.00

Saturday, August 30, 2014

just the 1st of

Aw! It's that time again in Seattle - Bumbershoot. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram then you already know the trouble I've been causing and of course seeing. I promise to post a large haul on Monday or Tuesday.

 photo IMG_7449_zps65e9b795.jpg

Til then this is day one's outfitted.

 photo IMG_7439_zpsd656ba36.jpg  photo IMG_7423_zps728ec852.jpg  photo IMG_7440_zps0c503314.jpg  photo IMG_7441_zps4ed3947b.jpg  photo IMG_7448_zpsc996d4bb.jpg   photo IMG_7450_zps72193d44.jpg  photo justthe1stof_zpsaa99d287.jpg

*Newest favorite find!* This shirt (Goodwill Outlet) 50 cent
Leggings (Target) x Shoes (hand me downs)
Jacket (deseret industries) $1.00

Monday, August 25, 2014

hey ma

Went to the Kill Cam show tonight. And was wildly entertained not just by Cam'ron but the lively people that are his fans. If you follow me on twitter you know I had had fun. Some might say too much fun!

Tomorrow headed on an adventure. Stay tuned!

 photo IMG_7362_zpsc2ee81e1.jpg photo IMG_7376_zps3dcbbb30.jpg 
 photo IMG_7397_zps5af6acf3.jpg  photo IMG_7398_zps3b36fdbd.jpg 

Also! Please note this beauty find. This lovely Dooney & Bourke purse was found at a vintage store in Walla Walla, WA for $40. Seeing as I could flip it and make a major profit selling it in Seattle, I thought it best to keep this little guy.

 photo IMG_7386_zps526cb652.jpg  photo IMG_7390_zps68e8a577.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zps40f313a3.jpg  photo IMG_7392_zps6e1c2dd3.jpg  photo IMG_7393_zpsefff7104.jpg  photo IMG_7394_zps9e7032d5.jpg   photo heyma_zpsf2720279.jpg

Shoes (Target) x Shirt (DIY)
Shirt (Vacancy) x jacket (Army Suplus)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 things I am in love with... right now

Packing for LA so excuse the lack of posts.

But here we go. What is my trending topics.

5. Miles Teller
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Dude is fine as hell to me. Not to mention he has some sexy scars. Yes, I am a freak. I think scars are beautiful. Or maybe I am just awesome. Hard to tell sometimes.

4. The West Wing
 photo The-West-Wing-article-the-west-wing-13143566-1552-1027_zps00fce338.jpg
I get easily obsessed over TV shows. When I think about past moments I think "Huh, who was I dated at the time?" and "What TV series was I binge watching?" That's my life. In a nut shell. Whole season on Netflix

3. This hair
 photo tumblr_n9abi0mLuC1qku8oso1_500-1_zps66dd5cd1.jpg
It's very tempting...

2. Fall Fashion
 photo wmagseptember3_zps56d26eec.jpg
It's that time of year, the January of fashion. Getting all the magazines, taking notes, and have a billion tabs opened on my computer right as I type this. It's Christmas for us Fashion Nerds and Divas.

1. King Avriel
 photo img-holdingkingavriel_135105128313jpg_guides_hero_zpsb02f8741.jpg

This girl is a beast! She kills me. From her production to her lyrics. So glad I found her because her EP Thesis is the ideal soundtrack from someone moving to LA.


Monday, August 18, 2014

screen time

Anyone who follows my Instagram knows about this news:

 photo sundance_zpscb1e3344.jpg

So... now I've been writing. Like crazy. Like beyond crazy. Like my eyes are killing me from starring at my computer screen for too long. But thankful, hard work has and will pay off. Don't you forget!

On the flip side - I found this great shirt today!

 photo IMG_7320_zpsf36ab365.jpg photo IMG_7321_zps963f9c8d.jpg

For those who don't know I've been friends with Mary Lambert since we were 14, angry at the world, writing poems together. We even went on tour together about two years ago. Since then she has been busy  killing it in the game. I love her and so freaking happy for her. It's so wild to see her career take off.

 photo IMG_7326_zps9f7694ab.jpg  photo IMG_7327_zps35c07589.jpg  

I sent her a picture of me wearing this shirt, to which we both agree only a true fan would understand the awesome vintage-ness of this shirt.

Also on that note... Pre-order her new album like RIGHT NOW!

  photo IMG_7300_zps2ae66d97.jpg photo IMG_7309_zps3417123a.jpg  photo IMG_7319_zps7817228a.jpg  photo IMG_7323_zps1edc029a.jpg  photo IMG_7324_zps63dd59c3.jpg  photo IMG_7325_zpsfdb92173.jpg  photo screenwriting_zpsa3b5d229.jpg

Shoes (Target) x Pants (Top Shop)
Shirt (vintage Mary Lambert Shirt - thankful a freebie)
Flannel (Goodwill) x Necklace (Forever 21) $7

Saturday, August 16, 2014

two days in a row

Yo. It ain't even fall yet but I can't stop wearing this jacket from H&M. Best $10 I ever spent. And as always: my first says it all. I am fucking unicorn!

 photo IMG_7288_zps2c87f97b.jpg  photo IMG_7291_zps17c3e1ac.jpg 

The LA move is approaching quickly. And all honesty - I can't wait. I love this city but I need to get away from it to truly love it even more.

But of course - Happy Friday y'all! I hope you enjoyed your night and if not, no worries, you still have Saturday.

 photo IMG_7292_zps18dbf47d.jpg  photo IMG_7294_zps9306ee7e.jpg  photo IMG_7295_zps659b6202.jpg  photo IMG_7296_zpsff08e5d0.jpg 

Bought yet another pair of shoes. But hey! I don't drink. So all the money I save from not buying drinks I deserve a new pair of shoes. Logic!

 photo twodays_zps2628dfe3.jpg

Jordans (Nike Outlet) x Leggings (Target) $9
Shirt (Drop Dead Clothing) x Jacket (H&M) $10
Necklace (Tatty Devine)