Friday, January 31, 2014

wrap it up

It's BLUE FRIDAY! Everyone is getting ready for the big game. I heard you can't say super bowl unless you pay them. But this is the internet and I am not literally saying it. So anyways… I am nervous and excited. I don't even like football. But everyone else getting pumped makes me happy!

 photo IMG_4584_zps6e6a3340.jpg photo IMG_4586_zps24bc05d8.jpg 

I've never study fashion.

I've just always had a love and deep appreciation of it. I never learned to sew from any classes or schooling. All my sewing skills I've learned from my mother. But everything I make are really just happy accidents. This shirt with built in scarf is the best example of that.

 photo IMG_4591_zps13111123.jpg photo IMG_4593_zpsc2a0d0db.jpg 

There was no pattern. All I had was an idea of what I wanted (a simple shirt with a scarf or draping piece around the neck.) It was really trail and error. Mess up, restitch, try on, try again. That's pretty much it.

Nothing special. It's far from perfect but hey! I am happy with the outcome.

 photo IMG_4582_zpsfe9991c9.jpg photo IMG_4583_zps22f35e1a.jpg  photo itswarp_zps17ad0dc4.jpg

Timberlands x Levi's Jeans ($15.00) 
Shirt (guttersnipe one-of-a-kind DIY) x earrings (also DIY)
Hat (H&M) $5.00

Thursday, January 30, 2014

when grey matters

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Any true reader who has been with me since the jump remembers this logo! I was cleaning my room and going through old notebooks and stumbled across this baby. The guttersnipe OG logo. I do miss it at times.

 photo IMG_4551_zps6ddd8d6c.jpg photo IMG_4552_zps0f4be858.jpg 

Everyone in Seattle is getting so ready for the big game this Sunday. I am working that day but have no fear! That is a good thing. The Seahawks always win when I don't watch the game. Go Hawks!

 photo IMG_4519_zps2dbd87aa.jpg photo IMG_4519_zps2dbd87aa.jpg

So like I said before I've been cleaning my room. Moving things around and trying to figure out a new arrangement of everything. Which is hard because I get really into then find something to distract me, like my old notebooks, get lost in those and end up watching a law & order SVU marathon. I need to work on being more productive. Ugh.

 photo IMG_4547_zps282ab172.jpg photo IMG_4548_zps49483d35.jpg

I have cleaned my closet out, repurposed a lot of items, and find some good stuff to steal. I also have been really big on candles. Who knows.

 photo IMG_4534_zpsd6ec71a8.jpg photo IMG_4536_zps0607ed8c.jpg

In the fashion life - I've talked about "street ninja" this fashion trend of wearing all black. I've discovered I can't do it. However I've been finding myself wearing a lot of the same shade. This is my take on a lot of grey aka gray aka silver. Or whatever. 

I am liking this idea. Stick to one color and make it work. Boom! Fashion.

 photo IMG_4545_zps1bdb0328.jpg  photo IMG_4546_zpsd6b32246.jpg   photo IMG_4549_zpsae3c1292.jpg  photo IMG_4550_zpsf6cdc032.jpg  photo greymatters_zps68b5ea04.jpg

Air Jordans x Disco Pants (American Apparel)
Sweatshirt (LoveCityLove - Pop Up Shop) x necklace (goodwill) $7.00
Hoodie (H&M) $20.00

Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY: Letter Sweater

It's Friday night! Are you staying in?

No shame about it! I like staying in. Don't have to get out of my sweats, watch a movie, veg out, catch up on TV, curl up with a good book OR do a DIY project. Yep - another one! I am kind of on a roll which is a good thing for you of course.

I was online window shopping (just looking, I promised!) Checking out what's new, seeing new trends, and searching for inspiration. I found some!

I saw these two sweaters on Nasty Gal for $68 each.

Bullshit. I am sorry. However if you do wish to purchse them though check them out here & here.

 photo 272225detail_zps30d097ce.jpg  photo 360120zoom_zpse8a22fac.jpg

But for me personal - this is waaaaay too much money for something so simple. So you know me - I made a cheaper and more personal version. This is also great way to re-vamp any shirt or sweater. Not to mention a good way to use up any iron on letters you have laying around like I did.

This is also *NO SEW DIY* (I realize not everyone has access to a sewing machine so I am trying to carter to both.)

Supplies needed:
 iron x iron on letters (any color) x sweater (any color - but cotton)

 photo IMG_4470_zps8422dbfa.jpg

This sweater was $0.99 at Goodwill in the men's section (small)

 photo IMG_4471_zps67c36a35.jpg photo IMG_4472_zps7a602f8b.jpg

All you need to do is peel on the letters and arrange them as you wish, with the iron on the cotton setting, press hard, and wait. Repeat until all letters are on the sweater.

I kind of went with a cluster look and then spread the letters out.

 photo IMG_4473_zpsf022c93e.jpg photo IMG_4474_zpse462f026.jpg

But really - it's that simple. And yes, that cheap. The iron letters were like $5 or something.

 photo IMG_4475_zps08924db7.jpg photo IMG_4476_zps86b1a4f5.jpg 

Now my favorite favorite step - wear it & share it! I went for white letters because I had a lot left over from other DIY projects and I really liked how the white on grey worked out.

You don't notice it right away but once you see it - it's really cool.

 photo IMG_4510_zpsac39ed30.jpg photo IMG_4508_zps0a681d27.jpg photo IMG_4509_zps44356080.jpg       photo IMG_4488_zpsd42a52b9.jpg photo IMG_4498_zps7c439ba3.jpg

Play around with this DIY. Change the color of the sweater, the color of the letters, use bigger iron ons, or even numbers! I am thinking about maybe trying this on a pair of shorts. Letters are ideal for a cool graphic design so have fun!

 photo IMG_4506_zpsf93e605f.jpg photo IMG_4496_zps3a39d123.jpg

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY: Jean Jacket Back Patch

 photo DSC_0019_zps4d4fed4b.jpg

Found myself in my sewing room again. Boy, it felt good!

I forget how much I love sewing. It's very relaxing. Also like being able to post my work on Instagram and getting feedback. But the best feeling is getting to share cool DIY projects with you guys! Like this one.

 photo guttersnipe_zps69b21752.jpg  photo sweater_zps42a038f3.jpg 

Jean Jacket Back Patches - You of course can spend $50-100 on a jacket like this at places like Top Shop or Nasty Gal OR you can make one yourself for less than $15

 photo tumblr_m3g7ex5OvN1qddp93o1_500_zps75127838.jpg  photo full_size_zps888d4a01.jpg

1. Find a great inexpensive jean jacket with a single panel back. It's easier to cut and sew with. This jacket was $4.50 found at deseret industries.

 photo DSC_0020_zps3a31407b.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zpse42bc820.jpg 

2. Cut the back panel out.

 photo DSC_0022_zps45f215b2.jpg  photo DSC_0023_zpsa8d22477.jpg  photo DSC_0024_zps352149e0.jpg

3. Use the back panel you just cut out to get the ideal shape for the patch you'll be sewing in the back. When cutting, leave yourself some room for sewing a seam. Give yourself about half an inch of extra space. 

(Side note- I found this great fabric at Stitches on Cap Hill. It was $7.99 a yard. Best part about this DIY you can use any pattern)

 photo DSC_0025_zps4ac3d61b.jpg

4. Pin the patch in places.

 photo DSC_0026_zpsb83b0b23.jpg  photo DSC_0027_zps622cce14.jpg  photo DSC_0028_zps9b80d4ed.jpg  photo DSC_0029_zps6a030196.jpg 

5. Take your time and being to sew. Remember to remove the pins!

 photo DSC_0030_zps62a0bf6e.jpg

6. Best for last - Wear & Share!

 photo DSC_0031_zps94eb15e4.jpg

Ta-da! There it is. It's truly that easy. I am already working on a new design for my boyfriend. New jean jacket and a whole new fabric type. This DIY is interchangeable and really all about making it your own.

 photo IMG_4454_zpsc7788449.jpg  photo IMG_4460_zpsf4b41924.jpg  photo IMG_4461_zps903c406c.jpg  photo IMG_4464_zps84f63063.jpg