Friday, January 31, 2014

wrap it up

It's BLUE FRIDAY! Everyone is getting ready for the big game. I heard you can't say super bowl unless you pay them. But this is the internet and I am not literally saying it. So anyways… I am nervous and excited. I don't even like football. But everyone else getting pumped makes me happy!

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I've never study fashion.

I've just always had a love and deep appreciation of it. I never learned to sew from any classes or schooling. All my sewing skills I've learned from my mother. But everything I make are really just happy accidents. This shirt with built in scarf is the best example of that.

 photo IMG_4591_zps13111123.jpg photo IMG_4593_zpsc2a0d0db.jpg 

There was no pattern. All I had was an idea of what I wanted (a simple shirt with a scarf or draping piece around the neck.) It was really trail and error. Mess up, restitch, try on, try again. That's pretty much it.

Nothing special. It's far from perfect but hey! I am happy with the outcome.

 photo IMG_4582_zpsfe9991c9.jpg photo IMG_4583_zps22f35e1a.jpg  photo itswarp_zps17ad0dc4.jpg

Timberlands x Levi's Jeans ($15.00) 
Shirt (guttersnipe one-of-a-kind DIY) x earrings (also DIY)
Hat (H&M) $5.00

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