Thursday, December 11, 2014

legit cold

 photo IMG_8472_zps4499e139.jpg photo IMG_8468_zpsf8ee9a60.jpg

I woke up this morning so surprised because it's actually cold today in Los Angeles. Like I am wearing a real jacket. AND layers.

 photo IMG_8456_zps963fddb9.jpg  photo IMG_8457_zps0b4f9c18.jpg

I couldn't be happier! *insert sunglasses smiling emoji* because it's ironic and I feel cool.

 photo IMG_8467_zps4bb726f7.jpg photo IMG_8469_zpsfaa44cbf.jpg  photo IMG_8470_zpsf92da978.jpg photo IMG_8471_zpsb427d2eb.jpg 

 photo IMG_8462_zps021d9cb3.jpg  photo IMG_8465_zps95418cad.jpg

Timerblands x Top Shop Pants
Jacket Top Shop x Shirt (Men's Target - DIY crop top cut)