Sunday, March 23, 2014

mad at my wardrobe

So I made this.

Really easy. Just used a t-shirt to line the patterns. Cut two pieces of fabric (the top and bottom) sewed them together. I can really get shit done when I am not trying. But when I need too; forget about it. I won't get done.

  photo IMG_5419_zpsfcdf640b.jpg photo IMG_5423_zps8aeb1b69.jpg  photo IMG_5427_zps0c407c6b.jpg photo IMG_5429_zpsd95dbc1a.jpg 

This is the same fabric that I cut a square off and sewed to a plain white tee shirt. You know, Prada Spring Collection 2014. 

Mine just coast me $7

 photo madat_zps9c266ea1.jpg

Saturday, March 22, 2014

& in love again,

I fell in love with these polka dots high waisted jeans again. I got them almost a year ago but they truly are the best Spring item I have. So last year, but whatever. Like I've ever cared about that.

   photo IMG_5402_zps6ee950f1.jpg  photo IMG_5394_zpsdd1d0d13.jpg

Fashion Little Tip: Tie your shirt in a tie to add it a little something special. Turns any run of the mill t-shirt into something fun again. Also play around with tucking in shirt in the back or the front or the sides.

 photo IMG_5400_zpsf2994067.jpg photo IMG_5395_zpsd89f13c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5382_zpse2294ce1.jpg  photo IMG_5386_zps54269e26.jpg  photo IMG_5393_zpsa8afc6e0.jpg  photo IMG_5396_zps54e01a21.jpg  photo IMG_5397_zpsab65291d.jpg  photo IMG_5398_zpsbf4dec88.jpg

Spring is here! I am always so uninspired by Spring fashion. Especially being in Seattle you never know if a bright sun day will turn ugly. So it's kind of dress for any occasion or situation.

 photo newloveagin_zpse80cb498.jpg

Shoes (Nike 5.0) x Polka Dot High Waisted Jeans (Goodwill) $10
Shirt (TopShop - Nordstrom - Sale!) $16
Earrings (Nasty Gal)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Dish

 photo DSC_0011_zps8205bf94.jpg

I've been trying to reorganize my room for awhile now. As I mentioned yesterday I was trying to clean it. (I got one section done.)

My goal is to fall in love with my room again. To make more space, get rid of things, and of course be more organized. First step I took was my bed side table. I have a lot of jewelry and accessories. And I've been looking around the internet and blogs to see how people kept their things together. The best idea I found was the jewelry dish. Really simple! But here's a little DIY to add your own spin to it.

 photo ringdish61_zps2cd6e0fe.jpg
 photo ispydiy_jewerly_dish61-660x430_zpsf8f6e1ff.jpg photo diy-polka-dot-jewelry-dish_1a_zps8c122546.jpg

***Side Note: The best place to shop for any items when redecorating, reorganizing, or trying to find cheap storage go to my FAVORITE place on earth the Daiso store! It's where I find the best containers and any cute item to help spurs up my room.

It's where I found this plate, and many others, in the dinner wear area. Best part everything coast either a $1.50 or $3.50.

 photo IMG_5343_zps9d467ad8.jpg

For this DIY you need:
Plate or dish (Target, Daiso, Goodwill, etc)

 photo IMG_5344_zps8e25f75e.jpg

Using the sharpie draw any design you want. Make sure you let it draw for at least a second so it doesn't smear or run.

Just that easy. And looks great!

    photo IMG_5345_zps641843c9.jpg photo IMG_5346_zps45de05a1.jpg  photo IMG_5347_zpsc4276ebd.jpg   photo IMG_5349_zps297704dd.jpg

I also purchased some bowls as well. (Remember: using something like plates, dinner wear, or other ordinary items for storage is cute & ideal! Think outside the box.)

 photo DSC_0004_zpse58808f9.jpg  photo DSC_0006_zps65955e74.jpg

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

polka dots

I deiced to finally clean up my room. It needs a massive make over!

Like most people, I get in the right state of mind, put on a movie or a motivating soundtrack, begin cleaning then immediately get sidetracked up an old journal, trying on clothes, or the worst just get bored and cause a bigger mess.


 photo IMG_5324_zps8ae64c0d.jpg photo IMG_5325_zps6bbb220e.jpg

I finally got the idea just got out of the house to clear my head. It actually helped.

 photo IMG_5334_zps3294d7cd.jpg photo IMG_5337_zpsde11b72a.jpg 

I got this polka dot body suit from American Apparel awhile ago with a Groupon (TIP check their website regularly for great discounts on clothes!) 

It was one of those buy one item get one item freebie. I believe I got a hoodie and this body suit as my freebie.

 photo IMG_5298_zps22b0afe8.jpg photo IMG_5306_zps688d7014.jpg   photo IMG_5327_zps02e12139.jpg photo IMG_5328_zpsfe247dc3.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zpsc958e4f5.jpg photo IMG_5342_zpsbe275e17.jpg 

Paired with a pair of baggie men army print jeans from Forever 21 and you got a sassy look.

 photo pokadots_zpsbba1c716.jpg

Flats (Nordstrom rack) x Jeans (Forever 21 Men)
Belt (Salvation Army) x Body Suit (American Apparel)
Necklace (Goodwill)

Monday, March 17, 2014


I love this white button up I got at h&m for literally $4.00. Unbelievable.

 photo IMG_5272_zpsfa94e429.jpg

I always feel like Cher from Clueless when I wear it. You know the scene where she is about to take her driving test. "Lucy! Where is my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal?"

Her's collarless, mine collar. But you get the point I was trying to make.

The t-shirt was designed by Seattle artists Jordan. He's a graphic artists, photographer, hyphy historian and over round dope human being. Check out his work and Alive & Well, where he works.

 photo IMG_5261_zpsc14a83fd.jpg photo IMG_5249_zps94c5b121.jpg   photo IMG_5265_zps264367f6.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zps3bf22629.jpg

Please note- no green. I am hella Irish so I'll take my chances not wearing it. Plus, all honesty, I hate this holiday. Really I just hate what it's become.

 photo IMG_5267_zpsba2553c2.jpg  photo IMG_5274_zps320e54c0.jpg photo IMG_5268_zps3adc63c9.jpg  photo IMG_5270_zpsb0563a13.jpg

Nothing more comfy then my 5.0s!

 photo IMG_5276_zps1ff654c9.jpg  photo IMG_5277_zps139fb873.jpg  photo collar_zpsfc10ba46.jpg

Shoes (NIKE) Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $4.00
Shorts DIY High Waisted Shorts x Collar shirt (h&m) $4.00
Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00 x Shirt (Alive & Well)