Tuesday, March 18, 2014

polka dots

I deiced to finally clean up my room. It needs a massive make over!

Like most people, I get in the right state of mind, put on a movie or a motivating soundtrack, begin cleaning then immediately get sidetracked up an old journal, trying on clothes, or the worst just get bored and cause a bigger mess.


 photo IMG_5324_zps8ae64c0d.jpg photo IMG_5325_zps6bbb220e.jpg

I finally got the idea just got out of the house to clear my head. It actually helped.

 photo IMG_5334_zps3294d7cd.jpg photo IMG_5337_zpsde11b72a.jpg 

I got this polka dot body suit from American Apparel awhile ago with a Groupon (TIP check their website regularly for great discounts on clothes!) 

It was one of those buy one item get one item freebie. I believe I got a hoodie and this body suit as my freebie.

 photo IMG_5298_zps22b0afe8.jpg photo IMG_5306_zps688d7014.jpg   photo IMG_5327_zps02e12139.jpg photo IMG_5328_zpsfe247dc3.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zpsc958e4f5.jpg photo IMG_5342_zpsbe275e17.jpg 

Paired with a pair of baggie men army print jeans from Forever 21 and you got a sassy look.

 photo pokadots_zpsbba1c716.jpg

Flats (Nordstrom rack) x Jeans (Forever 21 Men)
Belt (Salvation Army) x Body Suit (American Apparel)
Necklace (Goodwill)

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