Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've been home but...

... I've been busy. I have a friend from France visiting so I am showing him around the city. It's nice to pretend I am a tourist in my own backyard. I've also been busy kind of "rebooting." I am currently going through some minor life changes. This post might seem very secretive or strange but I care not to get too personal on something like the internet. Just want to keep my readers in the know a little bit.

Also for me, I treat September like January. A fresh start, a new beginning. So it's prefect timing for all this rebooting and stepping back for a bit so I am able to see the bigger picture.

Life is crazy, but it always seems to work out. I don't believe in a lot of things but I truly believe wholeheartedly; everything happens for a reason.

Some things to keep you entertain for the time being:

This hilarious comment I got on tumblr

The newest Fashion meets Film Article for Miss Crew blog can be found right here.

Some "inspired thrifting":

some guttersnipe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I found a theme song.

Anyone who asks me about Seattle Fashion, what is Seattle is like, or how do people in Seattle party I will send them to this music video.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

instaguttersnipe: passing the time

Haven't done an outfit post in awhile. Working on that. Been too busy working. Enjoy these instagram photo for the time being.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY: Camo Jean Jacket

Camo is the trend this fall and I ain't mad about it. I of course love the tom boy aspect of camo so I am all for it.

I saw this wonderful jacket on topshop online:

Fell in love with it. But of course NOT the price (£70.00 which is roughly $110.00) So I thought like a true guttersnipe "I can make that." And I did. 

The directions are very similar to those with my jean jacket sweater. Whenever I wear that jacket I get questions all that time on where I got it. And when I tell people I made it they give me this look like I told them Alexander Wang personally made it for it. 

It's very easy people. 

Just got to make time for it.

Sewing Supplies (Machine or if by hand needle and thread)
Extra Pins
a Camo Jacket
a Jean Shirt
Patches (or studs)

First. Cut out the jean shelves. Do not cut on the seam give yourself space to sew with.

 Second. Cut off the camo shelves. Cut on the other side of the seam, using it as a cutting edge.

Third. Turning both inside out, pin the jean shelves to what is not a camo vest.

MAKE Sure you line the top of the shirt with the top and the bottom with the bottom. Like so...

After you done pinning it look something like this...

 Sixth. Being to sew. Sew in the other side of the camo seam that way you thread blends better. Or if you have a heavy duty needle like I do, sew on the seam. (But make sure NOT to break your needle.)

Seventh. You can add your studs like the topshop shirt, but I personally had these crazy patches I've collected over time and wanted to use those instead.

 Follow the directions for each patch and iron them on.

 Eigth. My favorite step; Wear it!!

Oh yeah! The jean shirt coast me $2.50 (Goodwill) and the Camouflage jacket was a whooping $5.00 from the Army Surplus Store.