Monday, December 30, 2013


First off - It's been to long.

Second - not wearing timberlands today!

Third - Hope everyone had a fun and wonderful Christmas/Holiday season! Mine was lovely.

 photo IMG_4089_zps9951e6bb.jpg

Fourth - Dyed my hair. Again. It's back to it's OG color. Who knows how long that will last...

 photo before_zpsc611af71.jpg

with my co-work & master mind behind my beautiful hair Josh!
 photo after_zpsf977dd2a.jpg

Fifth - What's everyone doing for New Year's?! I can believe this year is over. It felt like a year and I am actually OK that it's over. It wasn't a bad year but it wasn't a good year either. I grew - a lot. I mean a WHOLE lot. Which is probably why I am so indifferent about how I feel about 2013. Either way I am always excited for change. Let's go 2014!

 photo IMG_4094_zps825eaaf9.jpg  photo IMG_4095_zps03db3d35.jpg

I am going to try to write up a year in review tomorrow but of course depends how busy or lazy I'm feeling.

Also - This is most def a flashback outfit. Tomboy circa 2011

   photo IMG_4077_zpsd3686daf.jpg photo IMG_4078_zps2df7af9b.jpg

 photo IMG_4085_zps892541c4.jpg  photo IMG_4086_zpscb48f709.jpg  photo IMG_4087_zpsfca673e6.jpg  photo IMG_4088_zps347e6451.jpg
 photo changes_zpsb49f5447.jpg

NIKE SB (Nike Outlet) $20.00
Pants (TopShop) x Sweatshirt (LA - Goodwill) $4.00
Earrings (Nasty Gal)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Shopping

 photo large_zpse23a29a3.jpg

I love this time of year! However, I know how overwhelming shopping this time of year can be so I came up with a list of helpful tips and great present ideas to help y'all out. Ready? Here we go!

 photo large-1_zps54fe776c.jpg

1. Shop Locally
I know people are quick to go to places like Target, Nordstrom, H&M, etc. because it seems more convenient. But shopping locally does a lot of good over all. Not only are supporting small business but you will find the more unique and ideal gifts.

2. No Gift Cards!
I think getting someone a gift card is such a cop out. I know it might sound trashy but you might as well just give that person cash. For real though. Come on - think harder!

3. Gift Receipts & Return
When you do end up purchasing a gift for that special somebody there's no harm in getting a gift receipt and making sure you know what the exchange policy is so there's no issue.

 photo large-3_zps586be2c4.jpg

4. When Thrifting...
Wash an item before you gift it, comb over it well for stains, holes, missing sequins, dents, scratches, or any mistakes.

5. DIY
There is nothing sweeter or more from the heart than something you made yourself. (Ask any mom) It's cheaper, gets you in the holiday spirit, and like locally shopping you'll end up with a one-of-a-kind present.

6. F. B. S.
Now, when you are in doubt and don't know what to get someone think "F. B. S." which stands for Food, Books, Socks.
Food, which also falls into DIY - if you cook it yourself, is my personal favorite. I mean who doesn't like eating! Books (or notebooks) because you can always find one that fits to a friend's personality to a T. Socks because I freaking love socks. And if you haven't noticed socks are becoming a huge trend. Like books, you can literally find any pair of socks with everything and anything on them.

So there you have it. A #guttersnipe's holiday shopping to-do list. Good luck & hope this helps!  

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Monday, December 16, 2013

last, chance

 photo IMG_3967_zps3704d64c.jpg

 photo IMG_3972_zps1995036c.jpg

Last night a bunch of us all went to the Chance The Rapper show. It was entraining as hell! (The show itself & the people watching) I have to say however I was surprised. Chance put on hell of a show but a very mature one at that. He is only 20 but has the stage presents of a pro. An true artist overall. Chance played all his cuts, did covers, and works with the live band called "The Social Experiment."

 photo IMG_3981_zpseb2a3240.jpg

And on the other hand:

There's many things I am really freaking out about. All good things.

 photo IMG_4009_zps9a3a51e7.jpg photo IMG_4010_zps58d3c4a4.jpg 

1. Christmas Season
I am in full swing. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, and of course hanging out with love ones.

I am freaking out about her new album; it's amazing. I love how she was like "I have an album, what shall I do with it? I know - just drop it. Just. Drop. It." Fucking beautiful. And sorry if I sound cheesy but I the day that it came out I felt so proud to be a women. I felt so empowered.

 photo IMG_4007_zps34f32cb5.jpg photo IMG_4008_zpsbc953c3e.jpg 

 photo IMG_3985_zpsb62deb49.jpg photo IMG_3994_zps55080a38.jpg 

Just been on a good one and trying to keep it going into the new year.

Since it's winter - all I need to truly wear is Timberlands.

     photo IMG_4005_zpscbbdd872.jpg photo IMG_4006_zpsdffaf5c4.jpg photo lastchance_zps60ccea2c.jpg

Timberlands x American Apparel Disco Pants
Chance The Rapper Concert tee x Timberland Flannel
Army Jacket x chains

Friday, December 13, 2013

the last 13th

Hey! Remember me? Ten days later...

I am caught up in the holiday rush. Shopping, working, christmas tree decorating, eating, sleeping, movies, eating again. I also haven't been able to style any posts because of it. But I am back. (For now)

 photo IMG_3954_zpsd819a99c.jpg photo IMG_3955_zps04c30ed6.jpg

I can believe this year is over because this felt like a year. A whole full 365. It didn't go by too fast, it didn't go by too slow, it just went by. I am of course super nostalgic this time of year (who isn't) however ready for a new chapter, a new year, a new season. The cold snap in Seattle is over but it's still bitter outside.

 photo IMG_3940_zps8909b729.jpg photo IMG_3953_zps9d87e789.jpg   

It being the last Friday 13th of the year I am, of course, celebrating it with Beyonce's new album. That's right, Beyonce dropped an album out of NOWHERE. Well, because she can. Because her name markets itself, the internet exists, and then her dedicated fans do that rest. I'm not a die hard Beyonce fan but I do like her! I really love the idea of her fandom. How serious people are about her. It's amazing, overwhelming, and mesmerizing. Plus the album is really good and there's a music video for every song. So for who is a massive visual person, I am loving it!

Fun fact - besides waiting to be on SNL I want to make music videos.

 photo IMG_3956_zps0d034ac8.jpg photo IMG_3959_zps49b7ae4e.jpg 

Anyway, I still need to be a 3 year anniversary post of this blog. Maybe I'll tie it in with all my highlights of the year. We'll see. I also need to do a Christmas List! Give you guys ideas for that special someone in your life.

 photo IMG_3961_zps2c67ce8f.jpg photo IMG_3962_zps20362cca.jpg  photo 13th_zps0554c1ee.jpg

TopShop Leggings x Timberlands
Sweater (Goodwill) x Shirt (Salvation Army)
Marc Jacobs Scarf (Target Collection)
The Famous $4.00 Leather Jacket

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

if it was any simpler

It's freezing.

 photo IMG_3908_zps5d7b11d6.jpg

It's almost snowing here. Which I am not too excited about because Seattle shuts down if it even snows less than an inch. 

For the time being I've been working like crazy. Most def forgetting about personal time and self care. I am trying to get better with that. My self care includes wearing sweats, eating chocolate, and watching HBO's VEEP.

More importantly it's Christmas time! Which I love. Makes me happy to remember it's the most wonderful time of the year. Cheesy. I know.

Now more MORE importantly this blog is 3 years old! I missed the anniversary because of how busy I got with the Thanksgiving weekend but I will be writing up a be-lated birthday post soon.

 photo IMG_3892_zpsc5f5f367.jpg photo IMG_3890_zps74865ec2.jpg 

Style Update - I've been loving Lorde for awhile now. She's not just a talented artist but a mother freaking beast all round. I love how simple and easy her style is. It's that "I didn't try but I did try" vibe.

 photo IMG_3903_zpsdbd09433.jpg photo IMG_3902_zps5406b4d5.jpg

 photo anysimpler_zps9cdcd14b.jpg

Blouse (H&M) $3.00 x Jeans (Goodwill) $10.00
Shirt (Hand-me-down) my mother's x necklace (Goodwill) $1.00

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cozy like cosby sweater

Everyone thinks of Bill Cosby when the think of crazy wild sweaters. True. However sometimes I can't help but think about Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable) He had some AMAZING fits on The Cosby Show.

 photo Theo02_zpscb10c4e0.jpg photo Theo01_zps75fabbf9.jpg
 photo Theo01-1_zpsfa16b6c8.jpg
 photo Theo03_zpscc4fdbd3.jpg photo Theo01-2_zps3c720f89.jpg

But of course if we do talk Cosby fashion I have to mention Lisa Bonet a.k.a. Denise Huxtable. Overall they were one of the most stylist families. Swag for years.

   photo Denise01_zpsf6a46f40.jpg photo lisa_zps43d89e46.jpg
 photo d9_zpsda17fc01.png 
 photo tumblr_mft1l2l2AX1s1nbfmo3_1280_zps885905f4.jpg photo 8633cd202ba1b13fdd24833190110e38_zps837ec195.jpg 

Thrift stores are THE best place to find these fashion because well... Thrift stores and 2nd shops are made up of the past. Fashion always comes full circle people. I know this because places like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Top Shop, and even Nordstrom BP are always selling clothes that look old and "dated" to a certain era. But me, I can't buy those items full price knowing good and well I can find a one-of-a-kind item at my local Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3875_zpsc8bf5744.jpg photo IMG_3876_zps16d95a6e.jpg 

Case in point: I found my own cosby/denise/theo sweater for $4.50. You truly can't bet that price.

 photo IMG_3877_zps7c9005a2.jpg photo IMG_3878_zpsbf73a3f9.jpg 

"Before you buy - a goodwill you must try." guttersnipe proverb

 photo cozylike_zps2a05bfe5.jpg

Timerland boots x pants (TopShop)
Sweater (Goodwill) $4.50 x necklace (Forever 21)