Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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If you did not know yesterday was a national holiday. Yesterday was the one and only Dr Dre's birthday (AKA Dre Day) My friend DJ 100 Proof and a group of other great DJs in Seattle were the brilliant minds behind this exclusive celebration of everything Dr. Dre.

I mean, how could you not enjoy yourself?

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I don't go out as much as I use too but when I do - I make sure it's worth it. And last night was priceless! The soundtrack was everything Dr Dre meaning all his music, songs he either produced, featured on, or even touched. Everything played was a cut - a classic!

*sigh* tip next year...

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On a fashion note - I was finally able to check out Seattle's Zara store. My friend is the manager there and she put a lot of work into the store, which paid off because the store is amazing!

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything but I did. Oops! Not only did I get that great handbag above, which oddly enough best describe my state of mind most days, I was also able to find these great jeans!

 photo IMG_4974_zpsb444f0c5.jpg photo IMG_4994_zps7da6674b.jpg 

I've been searching for a pair of high-waisted boyfriend jeans forever! So of course ZARA would have them. 

Now they did coast me $80 but for a pair of jeans that are extremely well made and fit like a glove I am willing to pay the price. Literally.

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People can hate these high waisted jeans but fuck it - I love them! I am someone who is self-conscious about my belly so high waisted jeans are my best friend. I hate when people call them "mom jeans" 

Well damn - your mom has style!

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Shoes (Macy's) x Jeans (ZARA) x Hand bag (ZARA)
Belt (H&M) $3.00 x sweater (TOP SHOP - sale)
Gold Chain (Goodwill) $0.99 x Jacket (Married to the Mob - PLNDR)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 things I am in love with... right now

Just got back from a trip to San Francisco and of course I caught something. Coming home just to be sick sucks. (If you have yet to notice I have the immune system of an 80 year old.)

With that said here is a list of 5 things I am in love with right now:

5. Candles
I've been all about them lately. Maybe it's because of the winter time blues but candles are prefect for this time of year.

 photo IMG_4519_zps2dbd87aa.jpg

4. Mean Girls
It's my one of my favorite movie of all time. (Next to Casablanca and Clueless) Hard to believe but the 10th anniversary of the film will be in April. Ugh. If that doesn't make me feel old... (Haha! I hate when people say that. I don't mind feeling old or getting older. It's life people!) Anyways - Mean Girls is the shit.

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3. Zara
Although I find it too expensive - it's truly a great place for inspiration for my own creations. We just got one in Seattle haven't visited it yet but look forward to it.
 photo change_zps1dec52e1.jpeg

2. Uniqlo
Now here is one of my favorite stores! It's also a bit pricey but the ideal shop for basics. We don't have one in Seattle (yet...) but I had a blast visiting it while San Francisco.
 photo uniqlo-store_zpsea5f91a4.jpeg

1. Fashion Police
I am obsessed with this show! It's the best way to see what everyone is wearing, all the red carpet gossip, and being able to follow Fashion week. Not to mention Kelly Osbourne is my style icon.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Leather Jacket (salvation army) $4.00 x timberlands
Jeans (Goodwill) $7.00 x sweater (Target) $11.00
Beanie (Urban outfitters) $5.00

Thursday, February 6, 2014

but really, whatever.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

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Anyone who loves clothes knows this quote. And it's true. It really holds such weight in the world of fashion. Now when I try to describe my style I always use word guttersnipe first. Because with this blog, I've taken it upon myself to redefine the word for myself but hopefully for others.

Fashion is fun! But it shouldn't coast you an arm and a leg. Which is why I do "cheap" shopping. Most people hate that word. I don't mind it. Cheap only sounds cheap to people who don't know it's true value.

Yves Saint Laurent is still spot on with his quote because trends do come and go about a person's style can not die. You have to always reinvent yourself. Try something new! Mix it up. Play around with color, patterns, mix, match, go high end, then go dumpster diving.

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I feel like this blog shows I am a little bit all over the place. One second I want to look like I walked out of a Karmaloop spread and other days I want to look like I could be a J Crew model. Which is why Jenna Lyons is one of my fashion icon.

 photo JCrews-Jenna-Lyons-on-Surprising-Love_zpse5ef7fb5.png

This might be hard to believe seeing as I am a girl obsessed with unicorns, timberlands, glitter, Jordan sneakers, and Black Milk leggings. But Jenna Lyons is not only a stunning human being but she sweats style and grace. She knows how to have fun with her closet and best of all makes it look effortless. Ms Lyons took J Crew's mission, made it her own, and then expanded the brand. Pushing hemlines, questioning what preppy means today, and keeping it all fresh! She has a brilliant eye for detail and has been able to balance shock & awe with a sophisticated nuance.

 photo mainoriginal_zps309b58af.jpg photo hbz-may-2013-my-list-jenna-lyons-lgn_zpsf137495b.jpg

Long story short - she was on my mind when I woke up so it inspired me to get dressed.

 photo IMG_4711_zpsa540b394.jpg photo IMG_4723_zpse6551582.jpg  photo IMG_4725_zps1e27b779.jpg photo IMG_4726_zps2a23a98c.jpg  photo IMG_4727_zps6047ae55.jpg photo IMG_4731_zps233d2d7d.jpg photo IMG_4728_zpsabfaeeaa.jpg photo IMG_4730_zpse37ee5ba.jpg   photo butreallywhatever_zps5744d13a.jpg

Converse x Black Pants (Forever 21) $7.00 x Earrings (Goodwill) $2.99
Button Up (Salvation Army) x Sweatshirt
Gold Chain (goodwill)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drop Dead Cold

It's getting colder out there. Don't let that sun fool you.

It's February! The Sasquatch line has been released and I am trying to make it happen. I am being positive and know I will be going.

There's hella shit I need to be doing but I rather sleep. Or do something else. Ugh.

 photo IMG_4673_zps26762db4.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zpsb07f65ef.jpg  photo IMG_4693_zpse7949e57.jpg  photo IMG_4694_zps2dc906c0.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zps87789fe0.jpg  photo IMG_4696_zps241035a6.jpg  photo dropcold_zps8e619f93.jpg

Flannel (Salvation Army) x Shirt (goodwill)
Disco Pants x Timberlands
skull scarf