Thursday, February 6, 2014

but really, whatever.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

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Anyone who loves clothes knows this quote. And it's true. It really holds such weight in the world of fashion. Now when I try to describe my style I always use word guttersnipe first. Because with this blog, I've taken it upon myself to redefine the word for myself but hopefully for others.

Fashion is fun! But it shouldn't coast you an arm and a leg. Which is why I do "cheap" shopping. Most people hate that word. I don't mind it. Cheap only sounds cheap to people who don't know it's true value.

Yves Saint Laurent is still spot on with his quote because trends do come and go about a person's style can not die. You have to always reinvent yourself. Try something new! Mix it up. Play around with color, patterns, mix, match, go high end, then go dumpster diving.

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I feel like this blog shows I am a little bit all over the place. One second I want to look like I walked out of a Karmaloop spread and other days I want to look like I could be a J Crew model. Which is why Jenna Lyons is one of my fashion icon.

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This might be hard to believe seeing as I am a girl obsessed with unicorns, timberlands, glitter, Jordan sneakers, and Black Milk leggings. But Jenna Lyons is not only a stunning human being but she sweats style and grace. She knows how to have fun with her closet and best of all makes it look effortless. Ms Lyons took J Crew's mission, made it her own, and then expanded the brand. Pushing hemlines, questioning what preppy means today, and keeping it all fresh! She has a brilliant eye for detail and has been able to balance shock & awe with a sophisticated nuance.

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Long story short - she was on my mind when I woke up so it inspired me to get dressed.

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Converse x Black Pants (Forever 21) $7.00 x Earrings (Goodwill) $2.99
Button Up (Salvation Army) x Sweatshirt
Gold Chain (goodwill)

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