Monday, October 28, 2013

an actually wear & share

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One question I get a lot when people ask me about this blog (besides "is your fashion really that cheap?" short answer: yes) is do I actually wear my DIYs. The answer is yes!

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I usually don't post those outfits because I figured you've already seen me sport them before. But why not share again? This is the hoodie patchwork I did awhile back. So yes people, I do wear & share.

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My birthday is in a few days! I am so excited. Loving how spooky, cold, and crisp the weather has been. Sorry I haven't been posting my halloween outfits like I did last year. The one night I did dress up I was Sandy at the end of the movie Grease. But just wait for my actually halloween costume. It will be amazing!

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timerblands x tights (my mama bought them)
DIY patch work hoodie dress
Jacket (Nordstrom Rack) x DIY earrings

Sunday, October 27, 2013


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I am a creative being. A left brainer. And I need, scratch that, crave inspiration. I need to consume art, music, movies, anything or else I just become utterly depressed. It ain't pretty.

Museums are not appreciated enough. Don't get me wrong, I use to hate them too. It was always a great excuse for a class field trip but they always seemed boring. That was then. But now, I can't get enough of them.

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As promised here are some snaps I took of the Seattle Art Museum Remix party I attended this past Friday. Even got some great Instagram moments. Hope it gets your juices flowing and gives you an idea or too.

Get from behind that computer and go out! Explore your own city. Do something, anything.

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 photo IMG_3332_zps1120d569.jpg  photo IMG_3330_zpsa15ebd76.jpg  photo IMG_3329_zps7a4e9492.jpg  photo IMG_3326_zps48101714.jpg

Saturday, October 26, 2013

something of a remix

Yesterday j.mena and I went to the Seattle Art Museum Remix Show. It's when the public are invited to party, dance, and interact with the art at the museum. Also to be the first to see the newest/latest exhibit. We had a blast! People were also dressed up, loving all the ideas this year for halloween.

I was able to take a lot of great pictures but might save them for a separate post of some "guttersnipe inspiration". For the time being here is me twerking in various places. Because well, I've just been doing it lately...

Last Night @ SAM                                                      & a few hours ago outside my house
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(The Best friend's Instagram)                                            (The boyfriend's Instagram)

On a fashion note. I got a Nordstrom Gift Card for my birthday (Aunt's are the best!) and since our Nordstrom now has a Top Shop, I was able to get these amazing high waisted acid wash jeans. So glad I bought them in stores instead of online. WARNING - Top Shop clothes, especially their pants, run small. Super small. I usually wear 30 x 30 and got these in a 31 x 32. Just a little #guttersnipe tip.

 photo IMG_3297_zpsc9241a07.jpg  photo IMG_3295_zps74f8e4b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3373_zpsb0337789.jpg  photo IMG_3368_zps6f08a16f.jpg 

Also - a super cute DIY project is taking a scrap of fabric and tying it into a bow on a pearl necklace. Bam! That's it.

  photo IMG_3378_zps142bb53f.jpg  photo IMG_3377_zps89648f12.jpg 

 photo something_remix_zps09645afc.jpg

Converse x Top Shop via Nordstrom Jeans
Pearl Necklace ($1.00) x sweatshirt (Salvation Army) $1.29

Thursday, October 24, 2013

a girl in boy's clothing

Just got back from Boston! Did some great shopping. Yes, I shopped. I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything new until the new year but I was in Boston, on vacation. Why not?!

Plus we got to check out this great "hidden" store called Bodega. Was able to find some great must have items. Like this great men's Obey shirt.

 photo IMG_3288_zpsbd4a1a9c.jpg photo IMG_3292_zps375ebc50.jpg

I like dressing like a boy. It's just so easy and so fun. Being a lady is nice too but tomboy attire is far less uptight, as well as far less physically tight.

 photo IMG_3284_zps4e63aa54.jpg  photo IMG_3286_zpsa73c4430.jpg 

Ladies - Steal from your boyfriend. It's that easy. Ex ones, new ones. You most likely can pull something off of theirs better than they can.

 photo IMG_3289_zpsfae9fb5c.jpg photo IMG_3291_zps938ce0a9.jpg 
Skull earring. Bat earring. Duh.

Fellows - Steal from your girlfriend. Why not? Who am I too judge.

  photo agirl_zps60dc6d99.jpg

Timberlands x Leggings (Target) $9.00
Shirt Obey (Bodega - Boston) x Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
The famous $4.00 leather coat (Salvation Army)
Gold Chain (Goodwill) $1.00

Sunday, October 20, 2013

high. fly. DIY.

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Leaving for a mini trip to Boston. I am really excited! I need to get out of Seattle for a little bit. Love my home, but always good to get out and clear your head. I have a few shows out there so it should be fun!

 photo one_zpsa124da76.jpg
Top # 1 via Instagram

Today I made two new garments. One is a little more traditional top (with a cute little collar detail) and the other shirt was a strange wild pattern from a great book of Japanese fashion my mother got me when we went to the Future of Beauty exhibit at Seattle Art Museum. Plus I just bought this great silk fabric that has crazy abstract and asymmetrical lines. The print flatters the shirt, the shirt is ideal for the fabric.

 photo IMG_3189_zps491589cf.jpg  photo IMG_3191_zpsb37f22d1.jpg 

And since I am flying and it's a red flight I am trying to be comfortable as possible. This shirt is like a slick beautiful garment and a sleeping bag in one.

I will put the DIY directions for it soon!

 photo IMG_3193_zpsfa528630.jpg  photo IMG_3194_zpsba1a3850.jpg   photo flying_zpsebd8c6cb.jpg

Sneakers (Nike Outlet) $20.00 x Sweats (sister's - sorry!)
Shirt (DIY - guttersnipe one of a kind)
Necklace (Target) $1.00

Thursday, October 17, 2013


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I am crazy about this time of year! Halloween is my birthday and like I've said this about a million times but October truly has the best sun, greatest color, and such rich inspiring tones. Driving down any street and seeing the trees change color. Ah! How I love it.

I also love how magical and witchy this time of year is. I use to think I was witch when I was little when most girls at that age thought they were princess. I was a strange kid. Deal with it.

 photo IMG_3158_zps53442117.jpg photo IMG_3156_zps7da558d8.jpg 

These shoes I bought awhile back always reminded me of Teen Witch or something the ladies of The Craft would wear. Plus heels can make any girl (or guy) feel like a bad ass.

 photo IMG_3160_zps8ec373be.jpg photo IMG_3166_zps9cac9b10.jpg  

Also I got to check out a new fabric store today in Freemont. I'll make sure to do a post about it soon.

 photo bewitching_zps8204e785.jpg

American Apparel Disco pants (found at Goodwill - $15.00)
Sweater (St. Vincent De Paul) $0.99 x Shoes (Salvation Army) $4.99
DIY Earrings x Army Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00