Monday, October 28, 2013

an actually wear & share

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One question I get a lot when people ask me about this blog (besides "is your fashion really that cheap?" short answer: yes) is do I actually wear my DIYs. The answer is yes!

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I usually don't post those outfits because I figured you've already seen me sport them before. But why not share again? This is the hoodie patchwork I did awhile back. So yes people, I do wear & share.

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My birthday is in a few days! I am so excited. Loving how spooky, cold, and crisp the weather has been. Sorry I haven't been posting my halloween outfits like I did last year. The one night I did dress up I was Sandy at the end of the movie Grease. But just wait for my actually halloween costume. It will be amazing!

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timerblands x tights (my mama bought them)
DIY patch work hoodie dress
Jacket (Nordstrom Rack) x DIY earrings

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