Friday, November 30, 2012

golden girl rules


For those who follow me on instagram know I took a really random, strange, road trip yesterday. I went to bed really early and woke up at 4 AM. Just woke up, wide awake, could not go to sleep. So when 7 AM rolled around I bought doughnuts and went on a road trip...

 Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket 

It felt so good. Open road, a camera, get CDs, coffee, doughnuts, and of course dripping golden swag. Plus not to mention that great feeling you get when you come back home. Even if you are coming back to a pile of work and a full e-mail inbox.



And yes, the ceilings in my house are gold. I mean, how else would it be?

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Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $5.00
Boots (Target)
Sweater (Salvation Army) $5.00 x Grandpa sweater swag
Scraf/Tank Top/Shorts

#guttersnipe that be tocking the messy pony tail like it's going out of style.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

#guttersnipe- It Takes Two!


So crazy but it's true this blog is two years old!

I've been looking back on photos and my style has definitely grown/changed! (There are things I will never change tho.) I think I am more willing to try new things and more willing to take more risks. I have most definitely got better at taking pictures and was able to expand my DIY work. And of course the biggest change over time has to be the 9 thousand different hair colors I have. I am pretty sure I've had ever shade of purple under the sun at one point or another.

(excuse this crazy photo from my #JordanYear Birthday)

There are so many fashion blogs out there that has been many many times where I think what I am doing is stupid and no one cares. But that's just a dumb thinking. I wanted to start a blog to help people who think fashion is about name brands and having only expensive labels. I want people to know fashion isn't a "club" for only "cool people." It's for anyone and everyone.

And not to be ashamed that you shop at goodwill, still wear hand me downs, or dumpster dive for clothes once or twice in your life. Work with what you got!

I also did this in large part for myself. I was one of those people who believed everything I just posted above at one point. It also, oddly enough help me build confidence. Not grown an ego or anything but learned to be nicer to myself. Be kind to my body and stop judging/comparing myself to others. I am like most people, I am my toughest critic. This blog, this fashion diary, has helped me in a lot of cheesy ways.

I just hope it helps someone else too. Here's to more years to come!

Remember: "Ballin' on a budget, I make broke look good."

Blasts from the past


10 Things I loved:

  1. J. Cole
  2. My birthday
  3. Maroon leather jacket (still haven't gotten one yet...)
  4. being the [guttersnipe] queen of summertime
  5. Lianne La Havas
  6. March Madness 
  7. texts from hillary
  8. Flatbush Zombies
  9. Typer writers
  10. "exercising"

wrist game on LOCK

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DIY from the past year (wear & share)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

rain or shine


Yesterday was sunny and cold. But today, today is another typical beautiful wet, cold, over cast, miserable day in Seattle. So I thought it be best to not let my outfit reflect the weather too much.

Last night I watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time ever. I know, lived in Seattle my whole life and never watched the movie. Well I loved it! I am a sap for cheesy shit like that. But in all honesty the top rom-com has to be My Best Friend's Wedding. It keeps it 100.

I like to think of myself as a "helpless romantic" vs a "hopeless romantic." The differences are massive.

Oh a whole another note, my wonderful friend Gabby gave me a late birthday gift: Unicorn earrings.

When I saw these I was speechless, which is hard for me ever to be. If you know me, you know unicorns are my spirit animal. It's the girliest/dumbest thing about me. I just love unicorns. Plus these earrings are banging. You can't even hate.

They paired with today's outfit perfectly.

Photobucket Photobucket 

"brass knuckles" iPhone Case

Photobucket Photobucket

I love this cardigan. I found it at Goodwill during the glitter sale. Super cozy and very versatile.


Pants (Topshop) $40.00
Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) $20.00
Shirt - actually a dress (Topshop: Sale Item) $7.00
Cardigan (Goodwill) $2.50
Necklace (Salvation Army) $2.00
Unicorn Earrings - Gift from Gabby

instagram: missestelle

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kitty, Hello Kitty.


Went out last night with my girl Robin and we realized no one gets dressed up in Seattle. (well for what we see) People in LA and New York treat their streets like runways. Seattle is hit and miss. 

I grew up in a very stylist family. Anyone who knows my father knows he wears a 3 piece suit almost everywhere. His shirts are always pressed and iron. His shoes are clean and shiny. No doubt, he has taught me a lot about fashion and style.


In other stylist news, I went and saw Skyfall. Daniel Craig is my favorite bond. Yes, I stand behind that. And I have to say this movie saved him from the awfulness that was Quantum of Solace. I mean he had so much promise because Casino Royale was flawless. Skyfall, visually is phenomenal. Not mention the suits! James Bond has swag, but couldn't touch my father on clean cut apparel. Just saying...

I also got a head start on my cyber-monday shopping thanks to Black Milk Clothing. I am too excited to see people's faces when they get what I got them! It's my favorite part about this holiday.


As for today's outfit, I went did some early christmas shopping yesterday. I walked into forever 21 because it's a great place for stocking stuffers when I saw this amazing sweater:

 Photobucket Photobucket 

I am a sucker for a cute sweater. I can pretend, but whenever I see Hello Kitty, I get a bit girly. But then again who doesn't. And yes that does mean I shopped for myself yesterday. Ooops!

Photobucket Photobucket


Shoes (shoe dazzle) $30.00
Jeans (birthday)
Sweater (Hello Kitty x Forever 21) $25.00
Scarf (goodwill) $0.99
Earring (Thrift store in Denver) $6.00

Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 things I am in love with... right now

5. "exercising"
I am one lazy ass guttersnipe. My only form of exercising is dancing which I do as often as I can (whether it's a night out on the town or in my room) HOWEVER I bought a pair of running shoes and have been going for walks and working on running which has been really nice. Let's see how long this will last...

4. John Waters - Role Models
I am a book nerd and I love reading. I am also a massive John Waters fan! I copped this book at the beginning of the summer because I heard John Waters was going to be at Bumbershoot (he signed my copy!) and it's such a fascinating read.

3. Angel Haze
I read an article about her in Rolling Stone as well as NYLON and after seeing her in the "Iron Fist" BET cypher I was truly impressed. Quickly downloaded her mixtape and I have yet to be disappointed.

2. Leftovers
Thanksgiving is over. But the food ain't. I am so thankful for leftovers. Pecan pie, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc. You have no idea how many different ways you can dress up a turkey sandwich.
(I like how this and number 5 are on the same list.)

1. Christmas time! Holiday Season.
If you know me, you know I love this time of year. It doesn't matter what you celebrate or how you do, I truly think this time of year is magical and beautiful. I am all about spending it with family and friends. I am also a massive fan of gift giving. But I am all about gingerbread houses, trees, peppermint, twinkle lights, but no snow. Sorry, not a big fan of snow....