Friday, August 24, 2012

5 things I am in love with... (right now: Fall Edition)

YES! My favorite season for fashion is right around the corner. I've been having a great/fun summer (one for the books) but I am a fall girl. I like the shorter days, bundling up, and layers. So with that said here are my top 5 (fashion) things I love.... (right now)

5. Graphic iPhone Cases
It's a small detail. But your iPhone case can say a lot about yourself. Mine, well, right now it's a Hello Kitty one. I love it but I might want to switch it up soon.

4. Maroon Leather Jacket
I would love to have one of these! Maroon is a great fall color. It's deep and rich in flavor.

3. Cable Knit Sweaters
prefect for layer. Most likely item that I can find in my mom (or even my dad's) closet.

2.Camo Jackets
You would think being a guttersnipe like myself, always in 2nd hand stores, I would have one already. But nope! Not one that I like that is. I am not giving up... 

1. Wedged Sneakers
And these bad boys, I just purchased!

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