Monday, April 29, 2013

still. a little bit cold.

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Sorry for the lack of posts. But I thought since I left you with two DIYs you shouldn't miss me that much.

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I've been busy. Starting a new job and have been doing a lot of personal stuff. Hard to believe but for having a bunch of blogs, I am still a very private person. Just know, I am a very happy guttersnipe. The happiest I've been in awhile.

Seattle Sunny means a little chilly. Got to play to that. 

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Jordan Ones
Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $4.00
Timberland Flannel (Men's Section - Salvation Army) $1.29

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: half & half (button up lace)

ANOTHER DIY. Lucky you.

I saw this idea at forever 21 for $15.00 and then again at Urban Outfitters for $39. Yeah, fuck that. I made my own.

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I bought this button up at Salvation Army for $3.75.
 photo IMG_0665_zpsd112830e.jpg

I bought the lace for $7.00 at the Fabric Store (Which gave me a little less than a yard)
 photo IMG_0666_zpsbebf96f5.jpg photo IMG_0667_zpsffbabd1a.jpg 

My wonderful beautiful BFF sewing machine Audrey rocking the guttersnipe sticker. Of course.
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1. Cut the vest in half. So it covers your chest. And cut right below or above a button as a place marker.
 photo IMG_0669_zps91882cc7.jpg 

2. Sew the opening of where you cut first. This just helps with the pinning process.
 photo IMG_0670_zpsb37019c4.jpg photo IMG_0671_zps29c5ee7e.jpg 

3. Turn it inside out, pin lace to shirt.
  photo IMG_0673_zps3feb39b8.jpg photo IMG_0674_zps0307ef92.jpg

4. Sew lace to shirt.
 photo IMG_0676_zpsd8f789d1.jpg photo IMG_0677_zpsb3f6f52c.jpg

5. My favorite step: wear & share
 photo lacevest_zps3a15fc3b.jpg

The whole project coast me under $10.00 BAM guttersnipe swag.

Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY: Monster Cardigan

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I was doing some much needed spring clean of my closet the other day and I realized that I get attached to clothing items. Memories. Cheesy, but so true.

So instead of giving away some pieces, I thought I would just revamp a few. The steps are very similar to the Sweater Jacket and 2nd 3 (more) ways to Jazz up a t-shirt.

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1. one sweater, one cardigan, one flannel, one sweater.

 photo IMG_6918_zpse3b1ffdb.jpg
 photo IMG_6919_zps0e18c92c.jpg photo IMG_6920_zps90a53486.jpg 

2. Cut both shelves off the cardigan, left arm of the flannel, and right arm of the sweater.

 photo IMG_6923_zpsd3a0ca60.jpg photo IMG_6924_zpsa89403eb.jpg 

3. Pin in place and sew.

 photo IMG_6925_zps31c2f21d.jpg  photo IMG_6926_zps7b114bbc.jpg photo IMG_6927_zps3e42d18a.jpg 

4. Wear & Share
xo guttersnipe

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Whole thing coast me under $15.00. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

brave to bob

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I said I would do it. And I did.
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I have the honor and absolute privilege to be sponsored by Serenza Salon & Spa! Daniel, owner and my hair stylist has been cutting my hair for years! He was the first person to convince my parents to allow me to dye my hair blue in the 3rd grade. The rest is history.

And since my career is moving so quickly (with the book, poetry, writing, blogging, etc.) Serenza Salon has been so kind to support me through all the new changes that are happening. Of course starting with my hair!

 photo IMG_0565_zps7cb9ebe7.jpg photo IMG_0569_zps12511fc7.jpg

 photo IMG_0553_zpsb2afcca4.jpg photo IMG_0554_zps49752932.jpg 

Don't get me wrong I was so nervous for such a change but now I am in love, love, LOVE with my new hair. Can't stop touching it and can't wait to start styling it.

 photo IMG_0567_zps2fd720d7.jpg

 photo bravebob_zpsae771498.jpg  

Jeans - (Target) $9.00 
Shirt (Thrift Store in Montana) $6.00
Cardigan (freebie)
Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

yeah, but it's so nice outside

It's hard to leave my house sometimes. But it's such a beautiful day in my city. I have to go out and celebrate it somehow. Also I got some disheartening news, so I have to do something to bright my day. Sun makes everything better.

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Photos of a lovely Brunch I had on Sunday with my girl j.mena. It was the ideal Sunday. Good food, great company, music, art, and Jurassic Park in 3D.

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Shoes (Payless)
TopShop Jeans $40.00
White T-shirt x Shirt (Goodwill) $2.80