Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY: High Waisted Jean Shorts

It's that time of year again: Short season.

(Well I of all people don't believe there is a short season because I am the dummy that wears tights and shorts when it's raining. But you get what I am saying...)

I think I've posted about this before but my biggest secret about high waisted shorts is either going 3 or 4 sizes bigger or go to men's jean section. That way you can actually wear them on your hips and they fit more comfortably.

With that said I have 3 pairs of "mom" jeans that I turned into 3 high waisted pairs of shorts prefect for the summer time! And of course all 3 pairs coast me under $10.00

pair 1: $2.47 at Salvation Army             pair # 2: $3.65 Goodwill            pair # 3: freebie/give away pile
 photo 3jeans_zps94ec02d8.jpg

So the hardest part is really finding the prefect jeans. The cutting them into shorts is super easy. Best tips:
1.Fold in half. Seam to seam.

2. Always cut them longer, that way you can work up and give more room to roll them or distress them.

3. biggest tip on "distressing" them is to literally zip lining the open scissors down.

But do it slow and be careful not to rip the jeans or worse cut yourself.

 photo 3shorts_zpsa2e8a21c.jpg

Then once you cut them you can roll them, distress them, crease them or bleach them. Whatever tickles your fancy! 

Enjoy. xo guttersnipe

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