Tuesday, September 30, 2014

review from the guttersnipe: Hutch Vintage & Handmade

BLAH! I am caught up in the LA life. I love it here. I love my apartment, I love my neighborhood, and the boys aren't too shabby either. There will be massive lack of actual outfit posts until I get situated.

 photo DSC_0279_zpsd5adcd33.jpg

Now being LA I am in a mecca of fashion. In fact, I am staying in the fashion distract. I can't do too much shopping because I am broke guttersnipe, but that doesn't mean I can look around and grab a few goodies here and there.

 photo DSC_0298_zps729a023c.jpg

One of my favorite thrift stores is called Hutch located on Sunset. It's a very goofy little spot owned by an old woman who looks like she's at least 100 years old. And she is quite the character! (My favorite part of the shop was her eyed dog.) Since she is such a well season vet, she has a great eye for one-of-a-kind pieces from across the spectrum of decades. Ranging from 1940s to the 80s.

 photo DSC_0286_zps22cae117.jpg

 photo DSC_0280_zps49041499.jpg

Since this is a specialty thrift stores prices are a little higher than say a goodwill or salvation army. But still worth it because everything is in such great condition. Items vary from clothes, coffee tables, book cases, art work and silly little knick-knacks. Even a select handmade pieces.

   photo DSC_0285_zps50e6378e.jpg  photo DSC_0284_zps146c63a3.jpg
 photo DSC_0278_zps1cfd2b56.jpg
 photo DSC_0283_zpsf5700f73.jpg  photo DSC_0282_zpsc1d44fb1.jpg  photo DSC_0281_zpsb250c910.jpg photo DSC_0277_zps760be646.jpg photo DSC_0276_zps46511d5e.jpg

I picked up a shirt ($10) and a dress ($15) Not to mention next to Hutch is a ice cream spot called Scoops. Go there!

 photo DSC_0309_zps645646d1.jpg  photo DSC_0308_zps037cc37a.jpg

Friday, September 19, 2014

LA days

Hey! Just touched down in LA - working on figure out shit. Will try and post outfits soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

doing well

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I am learning to embrace the heel. And but "heel" I mean my boots I got from Target and that's pretty much the only heel I've ever liked. Anyways - I am learning to embrace the heel, I forget how much I love my kicks. My sneakers.

 photo IMG_7721_zps7bc1d04f.jpg  photo IMG_7723_zpsc0705ad1.jpg  

They will forever be my true love.

The LA countdown is for real right now. It's kind of wild actually. I am "packing" and by packing I mean staring at my clothes thinking they will magical put themselves in my suitcase and boxes. A girl can dream.

 photo IMG_7699_zps74cc5a5e.jpg photo IMG_7707_zps18a37e91.jpg 

Tip - I have the upper part of my ear pierced (I don't know what's it call - my bad) and I've been using these fun studs I got from H&M. They are in shapes of triangles, squares, and ovals. Everyone thinks it's a cuff and really likes it. So try it out for yourself.

 photo IMG_7731_zps5d2dcb30.jpg  photo IMG_7748_zps28de2fbd.jpg
   photo IMG_7725_zps34e5bae3.jpg  photo IMG_7727_zpsf614acfe.jpg  photo IMG_7740_zpsa7526ceb.jpg   photo IMG_7754_zps636f61b6.jpg  photo doingwell_zps943ff52e.jpg

Shoes (Vashtie x Jordan) x Pants (TopShop)
Sweatshirt (Alive & Well) x Hoops (H&M) $7.00 3 a pack