Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where have you been these days?


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

couldn't tell you where i've been

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I wonder if anyone still reads this blog or keeps tabs on it. For those selected VIP few that do HI! It's been awhile. I missed you.

I moved, again. Still LA living but in a different neighborhood. Was able to check out my local goodwill and of course came across some come ups!

  photo IMG_6682_zpskxm6kntj.jpg photo IMG_6684_zpsnnj9jnew.jpg photo IMG_6683_zps6crh3gqh.jpg   photo IMG_6685_zpswvymxwhu.jpg  photo IMG_6686_zpsdmalmbsv.jpg  photo IMG_6688_zpsojm6jurl.jpg  photo IMG_6689_zpse8i8go1d.jpg  photo IMG_6690_zps96lzlisb.jpg  photo IMG_6691_zps5yb3wvgj.jpg  photo IMG_6692_zps8sic7pad.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zpsnftqrhy6.jpg 

Because I sometimes love dressing like a little boy and can honestly, pull it off. Copped both jerseys for $4 each. So that's right 8 dollars.

 photo IMG_6699_zpsxt9izlsg.jpg  photo IMG_6700_zpsc0q3zdvo.jpg  photo IMG_6701_zps3jdo8lgt.jpg  photo IMG_6702_zps2op9oy8t.jpg

Also this happen. No longer a blueberry now a pastel unicorn, rose gold, pink blonde, cotton candy sunset.

Went from this                                                                     To this
 photo IMG_7066_zps12z7ex2n.jpg  photo IMG_7082_zpsyaulp0iz.jpg  photo IMG_7098_zpseiq6gupm.jpg  photo IMG_7110_zps6sdcx78y.jpg  photo IMG_7245_zpsbpxmbl7y.jpg  photo IMG_7508_zpsqqhnrzv1.jpg photo IMG_7369_zps1bolg7k7.jpg 

Still writing for FRANK151. I talk shit and get paid to do it. Not to mention still heavy on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Golden Time

Back when this blog meant everything to me. Maybe it's because my style has changed, or my whole life is different now, or honestly I don't have the time like I use too.

I don't know if people still read this. If anyone still follows it. But either way; it's on pause. Not stop. But a very very very long pause.

I know I'll pick it back up at some point. Just don't know when.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

i've been doing shit.

kind of.

 photo IMG_5232_zpsjr9chkr2.jpg

It;s only March but why does it feel like this year is moving a mile a minute. So quick. I can't get my head around it. Grinding.

 photo IMG_5532_zpsczscebng.jpg

But you can always find me on twitter, tumblr, frank 151, and instagram.

Alright kids?
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 photo IMG_5019_zpsackyred5.jpg

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


LIFE be CRAZY. So thankful for everything that is happening.

So excited to annouce I am one of the newest contributor writers to the blog Frank 151. Check out my first article on The Drake Phenomenon.

My dream job would be writing for Jimmy Fallon, SNL, or the Daily Show. Or better yet getting my own movies made. Writing is my life. It's why I wake up in the morning. It's the shit that keeps me sane.

 photo IMG_8650_zpshzddl95o.jpg  photo IMG_8651_zpsvultaccn.jpg 

 photo IMG_8632_zpsjr5qfjo1.jpg  photo IMG_8641_zpspslkcm6m.jpg

I just want to look good while I am doing it. Hence the style blog & that guttersnipe lifestyle.

 photo IMG_8652_zps5jw57flf.jpg  photo IMG_8653_zpswfu8kqpa.jpg  photo IMG_8654_zpsi2szmeyd.jpg  photo IMG_8655_zpsyuz34ndc.jpg

 photo IMG_8643_zpsfhma42st.jpg  photo IMG_8649_zpsevutuu17.jpg 
Shoes (Jordan 1's Nike Outlet) x Overalls (H&M)
Shirt & Beanie (Alive & Well)
Necklace (Goodwill)

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today went to the LA Art Show with my homie Nick. Took a lot of photos; too many actually, got a lot of much needed inspiration but yet didn't get enough.

 photo IMG_8619_zpsb23fc808.jpg photo IMG_8623_zps0ee37e73.jpg 

So... I am going again tomorrow.

   photo IMG_8595_zps6002c280.jpg photo IMG_8596_zps2098b54c.jpg  photo IMG_8615_zps5a98625f.jpg  photo IMG_8616_zpsb028dfe5.jpg  photo IMG_8618_zps09de3fb4.jpg  photo IMG_8620_zpsb093f4a4.jpg  photo IMG_8621_zps9201e23b.jpg  photo IMG_8622_zps1c2825a1.jpg   photo IMG_8624_zps2accc3ed.jpg  photo IMG_8625_zps68fe16a3.jpg

 photo IMG_8608_zps273d058a.jpg photo IMG_8612_zps025ce7d1.jpg 

Shirt (Pipe + Row) x Jeans (Target) $12
Shoes (air jordan military 4) x beanie (h&M) $3