Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today went to the LA Art Show with my homie Nick. Took a lot of photos; too many actually, got a lot of much needed inspiration but yet didn't get enough.

 photo IMG_8619_zpsb23fc808.jpg photo IMG_8623_zps0ee37e73.jpg 

So... I am going again tomorrow.

   photo IMG_8595_zps6002c280.jpg photo IMG_8596_zps2098b54c.jpg  photo IMG_8615_zps5a98625f.jpg  photo IMG_8616_zpsb028dfe5.jpg  photo IMG_8618_zps09de3fb4.jpg  photo IMG_8620_zpsb093f4a4.jpg  photo IMG_8621_zps9201e23b.jpg  photo IMG_8622_zps1c2825a1.jpg   photo IMG_8624_zps2accc3ed.jpg  photo IMG_8625_zps68fe16a3.jpg

 photo IMG_8608_zps273d058a.jpg photo IMG_8612_zps025ce7d1.jpg 

Shirt (Pipe + Row) x Jeans (Target) $12
Shoes (air jordan military 4) x beanie (h&M) $3

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