Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Friday 2 - 4 - 1

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Last Friday was a jammed packed day of fun events. First was the Bombsheller Leggings x Few & Far Women party.

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Bombsheller is a local and new legging company where you get you submit your own design to then have printed on leggings. How cool is that?

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Few and Far Women is a graffiti collective that is fierce and badass. Each lovely lady got to design their very own pair Bombshellers which you can now buy.

   photo IMG_6528_zpsf54b740a.jpg photo IMG_6529_zps47bfe379.jpg  photo IMG_6530_zpsa6ff0b7c.jpg photo IMG_6535_zps08f2eea5.jpg    photo IMG_6536_zpsdd80079c.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zpsbd46a1c2.jpg  photo IMG_6538_zps7e59fda0.jpg

Few & Far also had jewelry and art on display. And I was tempted to get that necklace that just said FUCK. Only tempted though...

 photo IMG_6541_zps920f2b6d.jpg  photo IMG_6544_zps1dbe3e12.jpg  photo IMG_6546_zps416bd234.jpg  photo IMG_6549_zps0a4af1b1.jpg  photo IMG_6550_zpsb730d811.jpg  photo IMG_6557_zps573334fe.jpg photo IMG_6554_zps9994f34a.jpg  photo IMG_6555_zpsa8cd29a1.jpg  photo IMG_6556_zps3015ed16.jpg 

Then later in the night we went and got our nails done at Trichome. Now I didn't my nails done but it was fun just to eat a popsicle, chill, and vibe out to some good music.

 photo IMG_6562_zps0ded41c8.jpg  photo IMG_6563_zpsada5bb19.jpg  photo IMG_6567_zps85ef789b.jpg  photo IMG_6569_zpsfaedbe11.jpg photo IMG_6585_zpsb46a9d5d.jpg photo IMG_6570_zps5473a90a.jpg photo IMG_6571_zps1b93029b.jpg 
 photo IMG_6576_zpsbb76f0cb.jpg  photo IMG_6577_zps51e3b82e.jpg  photo IMG_6581_zps4c1f13e0.jpg  photo IMG_6582_zpsd0cb03ec.jpg   photo IMG_6592_zpsfe8f7fb0.jpg

Summer is amongst us! Full swing. Going to take as many pictures as I can.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

egg whites//neon nails

Got my nails done today! My friend MJ hooked it up, so best believe I feel pretty damn fancy.

On another note though, if you too want to get your nails done or just want to hang out, grab a drink, chill, meet some cool new people you should come to the event Seattle social event "Top Coat" at Trichome in the International Distract tomorrow evening. There will be drinks, nail polish, and music.

 photo topcoatr_zpsb1e6db25.jpg

Everyone is welcomed!
Starts at 6 goes until about 10.
$10-25 on the original one of kind nail art.

 photo IMG_6519_zps1ed44f65.jpg photo IMG_6520_zps0f4fefb5.jpg 

In guttersnipe fashion news: today got to 70 and I needed was some jeans & a white tee to keep me happy.

 photo IMG_6510_zpsfa52893e.jpg photo IMG_6512_zps3bb8fb80.jpg 
 photo IMG_6486_zpsd6b2a65b.jpg photo IMG_6501_zpscdc17a84.jpg

Fun little fashion tip - I took my scarf that I wore in my head the other day and tied it onto my purse. It just a tiny cute detail to help spruce up any bag you might have.

 photo IMG_6527_zps588e4d0e.jpg

I am just filled with tips today! Another thing is simple DIYs can make any t-shirt fashionable. Rolling the shelves, the way you tuck it in, a statement piece necklace, or cutting it into a crop top. If you've been following this blog you know I am a big supporter of taking a plain shirt and giving it a make-over.

 photo IMG_6513_zpsc6697b64.jpg photo IMG_6514_zps291872b6.jpg 
 photo IMG_6517_zpsb60d2ee3.jpg photo IMG_6518_zps2e801c4f.jpg photo IMG_6521_zps532426e7.jpg photo IMG_6523_zps43383a1d.jpg  photo eggwhites_zpsa942cefe.jpg

Shirt (3 pack Calvin Kelvin from Costco//cut the bottom off)
Jeans (Goodwill) x Flats (Nordstrom Rack)
Bag (H&M) $8.00 x Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

inspired thrifting: named brand

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Here's a good dose of inspired thrifting. All pictures were taken by yours truly at Salvation Army on 4th ave. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_6265_zps18aaabef.jpg photo IMG_6266_zps4159765b.jpg
 photo IMG_6252_zpsbdcd075a.jpg photo IMG_6262_zps3148416e.jpg photo IMG_6253_zpsf4e75c4b.jpg photo IMG_6254_zpsefa86a9d.jpg
 photo IMG_6275_zps3ffe1a9d.jpg photo IMG_6273_zps20b763af.jpg

Man! If I owned a vintage store I would of grabbed this bad boy, but I just couldn't. Had to pass. Deeply regret it now...

 photo IMG_6271_zpsf8609beb.jpg photo IMG_6272_zpsb3da7a51.jpg

For all you haters out there who say "thrifting" is nasty, too hard, or you can't actually find anything good - you aren't trying hard enough.

 photo IMG_6255_zps06b9584f.jpg  photo IMG_6256_zps25efdb4b.jpg  photo IMG_6258_zpsdb4ea199.jpg  photo IMG_6259_zps1a4bbadd.jpg  photo IMG_6261_zps15dbf0e8.jpg photo IMG_6260_zps82934c52.jpg photo IMG_6263_zps0862b2db.jpg photo IMG_6264_zps150e857d.jpg
 photo IMG_6257_zps30af52e9.jpg photo IMG_6274_zpsf8785d96.jpg

Or better yet, move aside and leave it to the experts. I picked up this Alexander Wang T-Shirt for $9.14 Yes, an Alexander Wang t-shirt less than 10 dollars. Pretty sure that is the best purchase I've made in awhile.

 photo IMG_6269_zps3592311b.jpg
 photo IMG_6268_zpsa4f68932.jpg photo IMG_6267_zpsa24221b8.jpg