Wednesday, June 18, 2014

inspired thrifting: named brand

 photo IMG_6251_zps1ed3b4a7.jpg

Here's a good dose of inspired thrifting. All pictures were taken by yours truly at Salvation Army on 4th ave. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_6265_zps18aaabef.jpg photo IMG_6266_zps4159765b.jpg
 photo IMG_6252_zpsbdcd075a.jpg photo IMG_6262_zps3148416e.jpg photo IMG_6253_zpsf4e75c4b.jpg photo IMG_6254_zpsefa86a9d.jpg
 photo IMG_6275_zps3ffe1a9d.jpg photo IMG_6273_zps20b763af.jpg

Man! If I owned a vintage store I would of grabbed this bad boy, but I just couldn't. Had to pass. Deeply regret it now...

 photo IMG_6271_zpsf8609beb.jpg photo IMG_6272_zpsb3da7a51.jpg

For all you haters out there who say "thrifting" is nasty, too hard, or you can't actually find anything good - you aren't trying hard enough.

 photo IMG_6255_zps06b9584f.jpg  photo IMG_6256_zps25efdb4b.jpg  photo IMG_6258_zpsdb4ea199.jpg  photo IMG_6259_zps1a4bbadd.jpg  photo IMG_6261_zps15dbf0e8.jpg photo IMG_6260_zps82934c52.jpg photo IMG_6263_zps0862b2db.jpg photo IMG_6264_zps150e857d.jpg
 photo IMG_6257_zps30af52e9.jpg photo IMG_6274_zpsf8785d96.jpg

Or better yet, move aside and leave it to the experts. I picked up this Alexander Wang T-Shirt for $9.14 Yes, an Alexander Wang t-shirt less than 10 dollars. Pretty sure that is the best purchase I've made in awhile.

 photo IMG_6269_zps3592311b.jpg
 photo IMG_6268_zpsa4f68932.jpg photo IMG_6267_zpsa24221b8.jpg

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