Tuesday, June 17, 2014

re: accessories

 photo IMG_6457_zps678fc922.jpg photo IMG_6459_zpsd634b532.jpg

New day, different outfit, same accessories.

  photo IMG_6453_zps65386690.jpg photo IMG_6451_zps83a4bee0.jpg
 photo IMG_6455_zpsf5e109d7.jpg photo IMG_6456_zps4f89ba6f.jpg

Man. I need to also "rethink" this whole self care thing. I feel like I've been running on everyone else's time and have completely forgotten about myself. Isn't being in your 20s all about being selfish. 

 photo re_zpsc2003781.jpg

Target (Boots) x Selfie Necklace (Photojojo)
Jeans (Salvation Army) x Shirt (goodwill)

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