Thursday, August 29, 2013

over all & lip gloss

I am so glad to get my camera back! I am a little rusty though. Setting things up and what not. Either way, I am so happy to get back to regular posts.

 photo IMG_2431_zps1570177f.jpg  photo IMG_2434_zpsc93691d8.jpg  photo IMG_2435_zpsd74d8a6d.jpg  photo IMG_2436_zpsdf6e4e86.jpg 

Also as mentioned on my "5 things I love right now" I am all about the overalls. It's a trend that is becoming really big for fall. Reminds me of the 90s, back to school, and chilly nights.

 photo IMG_2453_zpsaa2fd61b.jpg  photo IMG_2461_zps771a43b6.jpg  photo IMG_2467_zps7f833d00.jpg  photo IMG_2470_zps1e018522.jpg  photo overall_zpsbb702515.jpg

Cry Baby Shirt (stole from my sister) x Overalls (freebie)
shoes (Nike Outlet $20.00) x earrings (gift from my sister)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

around the waist

 photo DSC_0203_zpse8cd3a75.jpg

Good News! (Well for me at least) My friend found my camera at their house. It must of fell out of my bag while I was there. This means I can start posting style posts more. This makes me happy! (I don't know if this makes you happy, but I hope it does since you read my blog at least.)

 photo DSC_0216_zps4ebe10e6.jpg  photo DSC_0215_zps9d022c1d.jpg

With the time being here post.

The flannel is a staple for Seattle fashion. Lately I've notice people are literally typing it in their clothes by doing the good old fashion tie around the waist. Classic.

  photo DSC_0217_zpsc8476a67.jpg  photo DSC_0218_zps719dc1cb.jpg
 photo DSC_0219_zps33367619.jpg  photo DSC_0220_zps2f1ee8ed.jpg
  photo aroundthewaist_zpsa11e4a7d.jpg
Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) x T-shirt DIY x pants (freebie)
flannel (goodwill)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now

5. Kelly Osbourne (a.k.a. Fashion Police)
 photo kelly-osbourne-purple-hair-waving-golden-globes_zps381dbe5f.jpg
Maybe it's because I am watching Fashion Police but I love Kelly! She just gets it. She's so well spoken, smart, has great style, and over all seems like a truly down to earth person. Kelly has been in the limelight and I feel like she handles fame really well. (Also Fashion Police is just a great show.)

4. Fall
 photo large_zps665eea08.jpg
September, October and November our my months. Everyone who knows me, knows I love this time of year. I thrive and get so much more done.

3. DIYs
 photo ISPYDIY_chainhairtie2_zpseb2a9ca7.jpg
I got a bunch up my shelves. Just need to find the time. While you wait here's a great one on my favorite blogs "I Spy DIY"

2. Overalls
 photo 293630zoom_zpsaed1fdbc.jpg
It's a new trend that you either love or hate. Being a kid of the 90s I love it. Plus every designer takes their own spin on a classic.

1. Bernie!
 photo cfa729d20d0911e3a96422000a1fbc12_7_zps6682406f.jpg  photo ffea2aaa0dd011e3bfea22000a1fbe0b_7_zpsce8eba4a.jpg
My sister's new puppy. I've been dog sitting him and well he's just amazing.   

Monday, August 19, 2013

pop up shop!

Over the weekend I was able to check out a really unique and fun pop up shop that was put together by a bunch of people in Seattle. My friend Paulina put me on and I was able to shop her closet as well as a bunch of other extremely well dressed individuals.

 photo tumblr_mr32cz2F2l1qa7be9o1_500_zps07cb367d.jpg

I went with J. mean and the boyfriend. We all left very happen, slightly me more than them because I went in! I mean most of the people selling their stuff are people who's style I've admire from a far, so yes, I was geeky out slightly.

 photo DSC_0004_zps1448f75e.jpg

The talented photographer and homie Avi caught all the best action over on his blog. But these are just a few snaps I was able to get.

 photo DSC_0014_zps7ac06abc.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zps1070b158.jpg  photo DSC_0011_zps9500bc75.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zps0b813418.jpg  photo DSC_0008_zps6854d113.jpg  photo DSC_0007_zps0e079a1d.jpg  photo DSC_0006_zps3ab622d5.jpg  photo DSC_0003_zps0fd86b60.jpg

I hope they are able to do it again or something like it! Got some great items that I know I'll be posting soon. Here's a little example from UrbanExchange's instagram:

 photo timbs_zpsf4486a24.jpg

Friday, August 16, 2013

we are going out

Ok. For the time being, I am going to make this camera thing work out as best as I can. We will see. So please, bare with me. Thanks!

 photo DSC_0021_zps28bbeef6.jpg photo DSC_0015_zps900c9933.jpg

Headed out to go hang out in the town; my friend's little brother is DJing so going to check that out.

 photo DSC_0025_zps540f08fa.jpg photo DSC_0023_zps0de10ac1.jpg 

 photo goingout_zps9fd068ff.jpg

I am wearing heels.
Jeans x Married To The Mob ($16.00)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY: "wearing a square"

 photo DSC_0045_zps0eb565bd.jpg

Still no constant daily style posts because I am trying to figure out a new camera situation. For the time being though you deserve a good old fashion DIY.

So, I was at Nordstrom a while back and saw this sweater for $38 bucks! Really? I mean, really?! I was not going to pay 38 dollars for that. 

Not to mention I wasn't a big fan of the cuts in the back so why not make my own, my own way.

 photo IMG_9981_zps79771bcc.jpg photo IMG_9982_zps4d33d2ce.jpg

On top of that; yesterday my mother and I went the Seattle Art Museum to check out the "Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion"exhibition where I got a lot of great inspiration ideas! I highly recommend it for everyone and anyone. I couldn't take pictures but I was able to take notes. 

A lot of best Japanese fashion is all about shapes and dimensions. My favorite thought was the idea of "wearing a square." Don't know what I mean? Well, I believe this DIY is an ideal example of that.

 photo DSC_0017_zps179f97b5.jpg photo DSC_0015_zps80435c25.jpg

And all you need is a sweater (mine: goodwill for $5.00) and a pair of scissors. 

 photo DSC_0018_zpsaa5eb51d.jpg

Fold the sweater in half, arm to arm, and then cut two or three inch slits equal distances apart.
 photo DSC_0024_zps41624dda.jpg

Cut on the seam of the arm but not around the neck.
 photo DSC_0023_zps51af09d2.jpg  

Like so.
 photo DSC_0026_zps58abc2de.jpg

Ideal for fall. Fashion that breaths. 

 photo DSC_0027_zpsb4a28e7b.jpg photo DSC_0028_zpsf22d71da.jpg  

It's just that easy. I love how space age it looks; something straight out of Star Trek. Enjoy!

 photo DSC_0059_zps9db70bd5.jpg