Monday, August 19, 2013

pop up shop!

Over the weekend I was able to check out a really unique and fun pop up shop that was put together by a bunch of people in Seattle. My friend Paulina put me on and I was able to shop her closet as well as a bunch of other extremely well dressed individuals.

 photo tumblr_mr32cz2F2l1qa7be9o1_500_zps07cb367d.jpg

I went with J. mean and the boyfriend. We all left very happen, slightly me more than them because I went in! I mean most of the people selling their stuff are people who's style I've admire from a far, so yes, I was geeky out slightly.

 photo DSC_0004_zps1448f75e.jpg

The talented photographer and homie Avi caught all the best action over on his blog. But these are just a few snaps I was able to get.

 photo DSC_0014_zps7ac06abc.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zps1070b158.jpg  photo DSC_0011_zps9500bc75.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zps0b813418.jpg  photo DSC_0008_zps6854d113.jpg  photo DSC_0007_zps0e079a1d.jpg  photo DSC_0006_zps3ab622d5.jpg  photo DSC_0003_zps0fd86b60.jpg

I hope they are able to do it again or something like it! Got some great items that I know I'll be posting soon. Here's a little example from UrbanExchange's instagram:

 photo timbs_zpsf4486a24.jpg

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