Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fashion X Film: The Commitments

written by yours truly. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MISS X Beauty Ticket Giveaway!

Yes yes all. I have another amazing giveaway from the lovely people at M.I.S.S. This time already MISS has teamed up with Beauty Ticket to give one lucky winner a free POP Beauty kit.

These beautiful one-of-a-kind kits are only available on Beauty Ticket, The kits are also available in three different kinds (so they can match your own personal style perfectly)

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

march madness, oysters, and little red shoes

But truly, what more could a girl need?

Today is another sunny gloomy day in the armpit of the Northwest. I was woken by my March Madness team (Kansas) losing. I was OK with it only because the team that beat them (VCU) is an underdog and I love those kind of upsets. Reminds me why I love basketball.

Then for lunch I went with my mother for happy hour to get fresh oysters at Lecosho.

All of this being done wearing my favorite pair of shoes: my little red (hand-me down) flats.

I use to HATE hand me downs.
But I soon got over that and learned to embrace it.

Les Chaussures Petit Rouge Break down:

shoes - (hand-me-downs from my sister*)
leather leggings - (American Apparel) $16.00
sweater - (St. Vincent De Paul) $0.99
necklace - (Target) $1.99
turquoise ring - (found it)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

glitter isn't always gold, but rain is always wet.

I don't know why this title. Maybe it's because yesterday was sunny and beautiful. An actually nice spring time. And today it's pissing rain. BUT Anywho...

Last night was amazing! I went out bar hopping with my friend Kia. She just turned 21 so we had to do it right. And by bar hopping I mean, going to bars watching my friends drink, mean being DD and ordering vodka and cranberry without the vodka.

Randomly it turned into an epic night. Neumos was having a free 90's dance party with various Seattle DJs. So Kia and I danced the night away. I love it when fun things happen without planning.

Today is going to be yet another fun night. Youth Speaks Seattle is having their Youth Slam Finals tonight at town hall. Doors open at 6:00 PM/Show starts at 7:00 PM. So be there or miss out on an amazing poetic evening.

shirt - (St. Vincent De Paul) $0.99
sweater - (goodwill) $8.50
jeans - (Nordstorm Rack) $7.00
belt - freebie
shoes - Jordan One's
necklace - (goowilld) $1.99

heart one - freebie
middle ring & fangs - gift

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Mud

Sometimes fashion speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Breakdown Ladies & Germs:

shoes - (goodwill) $0.99
VELVET leggings - (Shelby's lovely mother made them for me)*
belt - (St. Vincent De Paul) $1.00 **
shirt - (my mother's closet)

*Shelby's mother has an AMAZING Etsy account. Click here to shop (and you too can own a pair of sexy velvet leggings.)

Add ons....

The turquoise ring - I found it! (freebie)
Fang Ring - Gift
Gold Ring - a button that I made into a ring (DIY soon...)
**Then a close up of my favorite belt

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pastel Sunshine

Now! Don't think I forgot about you guys.

It's been an odd couple of weeks. Time has been gone by so fast. March is almost over, which means I got to become a grown up again real soon. But until then I am going to wear knee high socks...

Spring in Seattle doesn't last long...

shoes (vans) - gift *blench stains by yours truly
knee socks (Target) - $2.00
shorts (St. Vincent De Paul) - $2.50
belt - Freebie
shirt (Target) - $6.00

Eye Candy

These WONDERFUL earrings were made by my sister. Prefect for spring.
Nail polish is Barry M.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shake shake shake it off!

Yesterday I hung out with my sister. She's in town from college for spring break. Even though in the pasted we didn't get along, lately we have been hanging out more. I am at that point where I like her as a person not because I have too. You know that feeling?

Anywho, we hung out yesterday. Then I went to go see Cedar Rapids (such a funny movie, recommend it!) So my outfit had to bring in spring the Seattle way: florals with black.

Break down anyone?!

shoes - gift
leggings (Target) $6.00
dress (TopShop New York sale rack) $12.00
black hoodie (H&M) $20.00
jean jacket (Goodwill) $5.00

(Yes! I am wearing lipstick -- had to do it BIG)

Fangs - Gift
Knot - Target ($1.99)

Some music?

Friday, March 18, 2011


I am a huge fan of art. I was forced to go to art galleries as a child, but soon realized that was a real honor, a privilege I soon learned not to take for granted.

Then as I got older, my likes and interests changed and I really got into graffiti. I found it too be really fascinating. Taking an awful run down wall and turning into something strange and beautiful. Some graffiti I think is horrible and rude but for the most part it is an art form. One that is still fighting for respect.

Now, of course, like everything else graffiti is a "man's world." HOWEVER there are those talented lovely ladies holding it down. Too Fly, Claw Money, LA Graffiti Girls (just to name a few)

One of my all time favors, a women I believe has changed the game in so many ways is the beautiful french artists Fafi.

I love her characters! Sassy girls with hearts on their cheeks, curves, colorful wardrobes, and with a pinch of innocents in their eyes.

Fafi has teamed up with Married to the MOB, the fun loving rapper Kid Sister, Hennesy, and did a line of clothes and shoes with ADIDAS. That's just the beginning. She is always collaborating with all different types of media and never misses the mark.

She is fierce, strong, talented, and my personal hero. Fafi is changing the game with a paint brush in one hand and natural raw style in the other.
25th Anniversary Edition of "Stand by Me"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden & Growing.

Daylight savings is a funny thing. It really messes with a person's state of mind, well at least mine that is. My sleep pattern is off but don't get me wrong. I love how late it is when it gets darks.

Today has been a busy day. The M.I.S.S. and PLNDR contest is under way so make sure to sign up for it. I am also been very productively busy. Getting lot of great feedback from this blog and my other one. Also working on Queens of The Guttersnipe t-shirts. (Keep checking for updates on those)

The blog itself might have some new changes too. New writers, shirts, I am going to work on some DYI stuff and more tips on thrifting.

Side note: Ever since I made this blog, I feel like I am becoming more and more girly. Right now I don't know if that is good or bad but hey! Roll with it.

shoes - gift
tights - (my mother's)
skirt - (hand-me-down)
belt - (costume shop in New York) $2.00
shirt - (Goodwill) $0.99*

*I loved this shirt because it was so golden and goofy. I cut the neck out so now it does it's own thing when I wear it.

My slightly new nails, which I did myself.
(True Guttersnipes do their own nails)

Lion Ring - (Girls Props) $1.99

Wanna win $150?!

(I bet that got your attention.)

Hello Peeps,

I have another fantastic contest from the amazing ladies (and gentleman) at M.I.S.S. Since Spring is just around the corner M.I.S.S. has teamed up with the always fashionable people at to give away a $150 gift card to a lucky individual.

Never heard of PLNDR? PLNDR is a street wear website that sells all your favorites (Married to the MOB, Hellz Bellz, Supra, things you can find on for low low LOW prices. So you can only imagine how much sassy stuff you can get with $150.

How to get the gift card. Simple:

1. Signup for

2. Like PLNDR and MISS on Facebook

3. Comment on this post with your favorite PLNDR item

Then a lucky person (chosen at random) will be able to shop til they drop. For more information please click here.

Good luck Y’all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Old Friend

Sometimes when you are not feeling your best, the whether sucks, people are busy doing their finals, and you are a bit tired: You need a pick me up.

One of my favorite things to when I am in this mood is either put on an old movie (Casablanca, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Roman Holiday) or put on some of my favorite ladies (Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Adele...) and reintroduce myself to my wardrobe. You will be surprised on what you find.

GOLD shoes - (Nordstrom Rack) $20.00
jeans - (H&M) $7.00
belt - Freebie from my friend's goodwill pile
shirt - (Goodwill) $3.50
sweater - Freebie from my job
necklace - (Goodwill) $1.00

Here is a close up of this amazing necklace.
Yes, it only coast me a dollar
(Ballin' on a budget, I make broke look good!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Blocking 101

Looking out my window, spring seems like a very distant idea. Seattle once again is throwing a curve ball with this weather.

But I am not letting that keep me down. I am working on many different projects. Keeping up with my blogs and writing. Editing a lot of film and trying to get my college stuff together. For awhile I was trying to keep myself busy, now I am trying to find time to breathe!

Since starting this blog, I've been falling more in love with fashion everyday. Fashion has a bad rep. People think it's stupid and snobbish.

In truth it's an art form just got to have the right equipment.

Spice any outfit up with some color!

shoes - (hand-me-downs)
pants - (TopShop) $40.00*
shirt - (buffalo exchange) $3.50
cardigan - (my mother's/hand-me-down)

Red Ring (H&M)

Gold Heat Watch (Goodwill)

*YES! I spent $40.00 on a pair of pants. But in the end, I thought it was worth it and have own these for almost a year now. Worth every penny
Fashion Meets Film: Tank Girl

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High School Musical

I am a sucker for a good musical. Yesterday I watched Glee (yeah I am a gleek, couldn't tell?!) and it made me want to break out my old musical playlist.

Music from the greats like: Passing Strange, Grease, Hair, RENT, Dream Girls, West Side Story, Wicked, and my all time favorite: Hairspray. Anything John Waters puts his creepy little hands on is GOLD to me.

Listening to all those classics made me miss my dancing days. When I took jazz, hip - hop, salsa, and yes even Irish dancing.

Long Hair Don't Care

tights - (Macy's) $10.00
shorts - (St. Vincent De Paul) $2.50
belt - (St. Vincent De Paul) $1.00
shirt - (Target: Men's section) $4.00
cardigan - (Goodwill Outlet) $2.00
necklace (Target) $1.99

Sunday, March 6, 2011

French Fishing

Sunday is made for breakfast at 3:00, jazz, old movies, and baggy clothes. It's a day to relax, wear mismatch socks and trying hard not to stress.

I just saw a lovely french film: The illusionist (l'illusionniste). It was very sweet and cute. Although there isn't much dialogue but that's the best part about it. It's a film that truly speaks to less is more. I recommend it.


flats (Target) $6.00
MTTM jeans (PLDNR) $15.00
belt (H&M) $4.00
fish shirt (Salvation Army) $0.89
cardigan (Goodwill) $8.50

Friday, March 4, 2011

London Fashion Week 2011

Fashion runs on a crazy schedule. New York Fashion week just ended, London Fashion week is about to end, and Paris fashion week is on it's way. It's sometimes difficult to keep up. But here are some of my person favorites for Fashion London Week.

Missoni Spring 2011
I love the over sized sweaters, knit wear, pastel colors, and floral patterns.

*******************Gucci Spring 2011*******************

I love the flowy dresses, tailored military jackets, big BRIGHT colors.

*************Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011**************

Now this is my favorite collection so far. I am a big fan of sequins. I love the star patterns, large jewels, and woman blazers.