Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Blocking 101

Looking out my window, spring seems like a very distant idea. Seattle once again is throwing a curve ball with this weather.

But I am not letting that keep me down. I am working on many different projects. Keeping up with my blogs and writing. Editing a lot of film and trying to get my college stuff together. For awhile I was trying to keep myself busy, now I am trying to find time to breathe!

Since starting this blog, I've been falling more in love with fashion everyday. Fashion has a bad rep. People think it's stupid and snobbish.

In truth it's an art form just got to have the right equipment.

Spice any outfit up with some color!

shoes - (hand-me-downs)
pants - (TopShop) $40.00*
shirt - (buffalo exchange) $3.50
cardigan - (my mother's/hand-me-down)

Red Ring (H&M)

Gold Heat Watch (Goodwill)

*YES! I spent $40.00 on a pair of pants. But in the end, I thought it was worth it and have own these for almost a year now. Worth every penny

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