Friday, March 18, 2011


I am a huge fan of art. I was forced to go to art galleries as a child, but soon realized that was a real honor, a privilege I soon learned not to take for granted.

Then as I got older, my likes and interests changed and I really got into graffiti. I found it too be really fascinating. Taking an awful run down wall and turning into something strange and beautiful. Some graffiti I think is horrible and rude but for the most part it is an art form. One that is still fighting for respect.

Now, of course, like everything else graffiti is a "man's world." HOWEVER there are those talented lovely ladies holding it down. Too Fly, Claw Money, LA Graffiti Girls (just to name a few)

One of my all time favors, a women I believe has changed the game in so many ways is the beautiful french artists Fafi.

I love her characters! Sassy girls with hearts on their cheeks, curves, colorful wardrobes, and with a pinch of innocents in their eyes.

Fafi has teamed up with Married to the MOB, the fun loving rapper Kid Sister, Hennesy, and did a line of clothes and shoes with ADIDAS. That's just the beginning. She is always collaborating with all different types of media and never misses the mark.

She is fierce, strong, talented, and my personal hero. Fafi is changing the game with a paint brush in one hand and natural raw style in the other.

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