Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shake shake shake it off!

Yesterday I hung out with my sister. She's in town from college for spring break. Even though in the pasted we didn't get along, lately we have been hanging out more. I am at that point where I like her as a person not because I have too. You know that feeling?

Anywho, we hung out yesterday. Then I went to go see Cedar Rapids (such a funny movie, recommend it!) So my outfit had to bring in spring the Seattle way: florals with black.

Break down anyone?!

shoes - gift
leggings (Target) $6.00
dress (TopShop New York sale rack) $12.00
black hoodie (H&M) $20.00
jean jacket (Goodwill) $5.00

(Yes! I am wearing lipstick -- had to do it BIG)

Fangs - Gift
Knot - Target ($1.99)

Some music?

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