Sunday, March 27, 2011

march madness, oysters, and little red shoes

But truly, what more could a girl need?

Today is another sunny gloomy day in the armpit of the Northwest. I was woken by my March Madness team (Kansas) losing. I was OK with it only because the team that beat them (VCU) is an underdog and I love those kind of upsets. Reminds me why I love basketball.

Then for lunch I went with my mother for happy hour to get fresh oysters at Lecosho.

All of this being done wearing my favorite pair of shoes: my little red (hand-me down) flats.

I use to HATE hand me downs.
But I soon got over that and learned to embrace it.

Les Chaussures Petit Rouge Break down:

shoes - (hand-me-downs from my sister*)
leather leggings - (American Apparel) $16.00
sweater - (St. Vincent De Paul) $0.99
necklace - (Target) $1.99
turquoise ring - (found it)

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