Monday, June 16, 2014


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I was named Roseanne because my mother had always been a fan of the name. I wasn't named after anyone, dead or living. Just a simple name my mother and father both thought was elegant and lovely. My middle name however is from my great grandmother Estelle.

She was my mom's favorite grandmother. I never got to met here but from hearing stories I was told I am a lot like her not to mention she apparently one hell of a sassy lady with exquisite taste. My sister and I were recently gifted a lot of her possessions like some goofy hand made rugs, elegant teacups, and adorable knick knacks.

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One of my favorite things I am now the proud owner of is this beautiful silk rose scarf. I always feel like a character from a movie when I wear a scarf in my hair. Something from a classic 50's beach theme movie. I am cheesy like that. What can I say.

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I also finally found time to paint my nails. I usually don't care if my nails are painted but in the summer time I like to think of it as an extra accessory. 

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Booties (Target) x Skirt (hand-me-down)
Shirt (goodwill) $4.50 x Scarf (hand-me-down)
Necklace (Photojojo)

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