Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ladies of Music: What's New Lady Love?

I haven't done an inspirational fashion post in awhile. Music and fashion, as you know, go hand and hand. One can not exist without the other. Here are some ladies of music that are killing it in the game with not just their songs but with their looks.

 photo Phox_WIFF_Connie-Ward_72dpi_zpsb8f6fc52.jpg

Phox is a band of those goofy guys you really liked in college. Who always had the best taste in music and best chill sessions at their anti-frat house. You also liked them because they were always hanging out with that hot chick who could sign her ass off. That lucky girl was Monica Martin. Her voice is what chocolate melts too when it feels lonely. Her style is a modern Amy Winehouse House Wife had a cup of tea with Lianne La Havas. She's a tender girl with a crocked smile and a spark behind her eyes.

 photo 493I0339_zps6768f51f.jpg
 photo phox-2_zps4df0ac40.jpg photo photo_3702_2_zpsad9eb1de.jpg


 photo 20131106-haim-x600-1383768757_zps57e8fde2.jpg

Haim (I've posted about them before on this blog, it's wild just to watch them blow up!)
The best way to capture this singing sister trio is to image Joni Mitchell as the fourth member of SWV. Yeah, that's really the best way I could explain it. These LA siblings have all that California lay-back hippie style mashed with the great sounds your favorite 90s R&B girl group has.

 photo haim-asos2_zpsd4b1c892.jpg
 photo haim_wide-a42f793bdf5e96c08564c9380e3898d8d373322e_zps1c3d639b.jpg

 photo pearls-negras_zpsc2048064.jpg

This Brazil girl group is not your average "girl group." Think Spice Girls if they were backed with a tough nasty political message behind their music. Scary right? But you are oddly intrigued. Their beats are soaked in that Diplo-like sound and that heavy sweat dance hall music Brazil is famous for. Right now I am looking to them for inspiration on bring my summer fashion to live. They clearly are pulling from the early 2000s for their outlandish digs. And it of course works.

 photo Divulgaccedilatildeo34_zpsc77bf504.jpg

 photo pearls_zps2684fd48.jpg   photo 927677_593513290747632_59217267_a_zpscd5dafb1.jpg

First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo. I am not joking. But I can't get enough of these sisters. Sweden has yet to fail me on obscure and fantastic music (Robyn and Icona Pop as examples) Now First Aid Kit is less club pop music and more the soundtrack to an epic road trip or wild romantic ending in pure aching. Female Johnny Cashes with a glittery gold hippie Carly Simon fashion complex. 

 photo first-aid-kit-stay-gold-2014-promo-636_zpsb105b618.jpg
 photo FirstAidKitStayGold600_zpsf8fdbe8e.jpg   photo First-Aid-Kit_zps674b0c34.jpg 

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