Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Friday 2 - 4 - 1

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Last Friday was a jammed packed day of fun events. First was the Bombsheller Leggings x Few & Far Women party.

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Bombsheller is a local and new legging company where you get you submit your own design to then have printed on leggings. How cool is that?

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Few and Far Women is a graffiti collective that is fierce and badass. Each lovely lady got to design their very own pair Bombshellers which you can now buy.

   photo IMG_6528_zpsf54b740a.jpg photo IMG_6529_zps47bfe379.jpg  photo IMG_6530_zpsa6ff0b7c.jpg photo IMG_6535_zps08f2eea5.jpg    photo IMG_6536_zpsdd80079c.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zpsbd46a1c2.jpg  photo IMG_6538_zps7e59fda0.jpg

Few & Far also had jewelry and art on display. And I was tempted to get that necklace that just said FUCK. Only tempted though...

 photo IMG_6541_zps920f2b6d.jpg  photo IMG_6544_zps1dbe3e12.jpg  photo IMG_6546_zps416bd234.jpg  photo IMG_6549_zps0a4af1b1.jpg  photo IMG_6550_zpsb730d811.jpg  photo IMG_6557_zps573334fe.jpg photo IMG_6554_zps9994f34a.jpg  photo IMG_6555_zpsa8cd29a1.jpg  photo IMG_6556_zps3015ed16.jpg 

Then later in the night we went and got our nails done at Trichome. Now I didn't my nails done but it was fun just to eat a popsicle, chill, and vibe out to some good music.

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 photo IMG_6576_zpsbb76f0cb.jpg  photo IMG_6577_zps51e3b82e.jpg  photo IMG_6581_zps4c1f13e0.jpg  photo IMG_6582_zpsd0cb03ec.jpg   photo IMG_6592_zpsfe8f7fb0.jpg

Summer is amongst us! Full swing. Going to take as many pictures as I can.

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