Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: 3 (MORE) Ways to Jazz up a T-shirt

That's right! Since the last DIY about t-shirts was such a wild success; I'm bringing it back for round 2. So here is 3 MORE ways to jazz up a plain old t-shirt.

First: No Sew
This DIY requires no sewing! It's quick, easy, and fun.

1. Find any t-shirt. (Fairly larger the better.)

2. Cut off the tag, the neck, the bottom, and the shelves.

3. Fold the t-shirt the long ways so it's pressed arm pit to arm pit.

4. Then cut varies sized long strips. (I like to cut long ones at the top and work my way down to shorter ones.)

Now... Flaunt it!

Coast? The Shirt was 99 cents at Goodwill.

Second: "Frankenstein"
For this shirt you will need to sew. I used a machine but you can hand sew if you want too as well.

1. Find two t-shirts that are same size (get larger sized shirts to give you room to sew)

2. Cut along the seams of both shirts. (You can use scissors or a seam ripper)

3. Then take the front of one shirt and the back of the other. Pin them together.

4. Then sew a new seam on the two shirts

BOUNS: The shirts I bought had pockets so I seam ripped the black pocket and sewed it on the gray one.

Now... Sport it!

Coast? Thread was $3.00 and each shirt was $5.00 from JoAnn's. Plus you get two cool shirts out of this project.

Third: The Pin Up Girl
This idea is actually one I got from one of my favorite DIY blogs: P.s. I made this... so my directions are pretty much the same.

1. T-shirt (any size works/any color shirt)

2. Get some safety pins. (Small are best and so are gold ones)

3. Pin the safety pins around the neck line. You can just pin them one by one or cluster a bunch together to add some texture.

Now... Show it off!

Coast? A pack of 100 old pins at fabric store was $5.00 and the shirt was 99 cent at Goodwill.

So there you go! 3 MORE ways to jazz up a plain old T-shirt. I will make sure to post something like this again. Enjoy!

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