Sunday, April 7, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now

5. Black Strapped Pumps/Black heels
I am not a heels girl, at all. It's because I am already so tall and I don't want to seem crazier taller, but I am getting over that. Plus, heels matched with baggy boyfriend jeans is always a sexy outfit. Hopefully I'll find a pair.
 photo 3165201202_1_1_2_zps1ef4c6ed.jpg photo 3176201040_1_1_2_zps4bca6f32.jpg photo SOLITARE-BLK-SUEDE-BLK-PATZOOM1_zps843f634c.jpg

4. Gettin' Healthy & Staying Healthy
I don't believe in diets. But don't just pig out on fast food, fatty snacks, or over processed food. Being healthy is about eating what you want but being smart about it. Also working out whether it's a walk, dancing, or running on a treadmill.
 photo Nike-Women-My-Legs_zps6ccf7da4.jpg

3. Lime Crime Make-up
My sister actually turned me on to the company a while back with their instagram. I mean their logo is a unicorn, HELLO! All their products are unique, youthful, and just fun. I am not even into make up, but their lipsticks are banging!
 photo tumblr_mfilqw25901qf6477o1_500_large_zpse3244eea.jpg photo tumblr_mke07rlTGO1qdujsso1_500_large_zps7be233cb.jpg

2. Guy Code
I've been watching this show at 3 seasons but they recently just had a massive marathon on MTV 2. I am in love, love, LOVE with that show. It's just the right amount of humor, stupidity, and actually facts. I've been asking every guy I know if they watch it. Because it's Guy Code, learn it fool.

 photo mtv2s-guy-code-tv-show_zpsfe04bc1a.jpg

1. Bobs - short hair cuts.
Kind of inspiring...
 photo bob6_zps50390888.jpg  photo bob2_zps239cd0e6.jpg  photo bob1_zpse65c4164.jpg

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