Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: half & half (button up lace)

ANOTHER DIY. Lucky you.

I saw this idea at forever 21 for $15.00 and then again at Urban Outfitters for $39. Yeah, fuck that. I made my own.

  photo IMG_0713_zpsbee29322.jpg  photo IMG_0716_zps58feb725.jpg 

I bought this button up at Salvation Army for $3.75.
 photo IMG_0665_zpsd112830e.jpg

I bought the lace for $7.00 at the Fabric Store (Which gave me a little less than a yard)
 photo IMG_0666_zpsbebf96f5.jpg photo IMG_0667_zpsffbabd1a.jpg 

My wonderful beautiful BFF sewing machine Audrey rocking the guttersnipe sticker. Of course.
 photo IMG_0668_zps8cd9c6dd.jpg 

1. Cut the vest in half. So it covers your chest. And cut right below or above a button as a place marker.
 photo IMG_0669_zps91882cc7.jpg 

2. Sew the opening of where you cut first. This just helps with the pinning process.
 photo IMG_0670_zpsb37019c4.jpg photo IMG_0671_zps29c5ee7e.jpg 

3. Turn it inside out, pin lace to shirt.
  photo IMG_0673_zps3feb39b8.jpg photo IMG_0674_zps0307ef92.jpg

4. Sew lace to shirt.
 photo IMG_0676_zpsd8f789d1.jpg photo IMG_0677_zpsb3f6f52c.jpg

5. My favorite step: wear & share
 photo lacevest_zps3a15fc3b.jpg

The whole project coast me under $10.00 BAM guttersnipe swag.

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