Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY: Monster Cardigan

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I was doing some much needed spring clean of my closet the other day and I realized that I get attached to clothing items. Memories. Cheesy, but so true.

So instead of giving away some pieces, I thought I would just revamp a few. The steps are very similar to the Sweater Jacket and 2nd 3 (more) ways to Jazz up a t-shirt.

 photo IMG_0647_zpsaafea336.jpg  photo IMG_0640_zps5684f66e.jpg

1. one sweater, one cardigan, one flannel, one sweater.

 photo IMG_6918_zpse3b1ffdb.jpg
 photo IMG_6919_zps0e18c92c.jpg photo IMG_6920_zps90a53486.jpg 

2. Cut both shelves off the cardigan, left arm of the flannel, and right arm of the sweater.

 photo IMG_6923_zpsd3a0ca60.jpg photo IMG_6924_zpsa89403eb.jpg 

3. Pin in place and sew.

 photo IMG_6925_zps31c2f21d.jpg  photo IMG_6926_zps7b114bbc.jpg photo IMG_6927_zps3e42d18a.jpg 

4. Wear & Share
xo guttersnipe

 photo IMG_0655_zps90fea737.jpg  photo IMG_0648_zps7450c9cd.jpg 

Whole thing coast me under $15.00. Enjoy!

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