Wednesday, April 17, 2013

yeah, but it's so nice outside

It's hard to leave my house sometimes. But it's such a beautiful day in my city. I have to go out and celebrate it somehow. Also I got some disheartening news, so I have to do something to bright my day. Sun makes everything better.

 photo IMG_0468_zpsb052fb4b.jpg  photo IMG_0469_zps5c75b86f.jpg  photo IMG_0470_zps24e5a015.jpg 

Photos of a lovely Brunch I had on Sunday with my girl j.mena. It was the ideal Sunday. Good food, great company, music, art, and Jurassic Park in 3D.

 photo IMG_0522_zps7e7dc2fe.jpg  photo IMG_0523_zps954bf59e.jpg  photo IMG_0524_zpsec36e8ac.jpg  photo IMG_0527_zps0a4915c1.jpg  photo yeahitssonice_zps6c41a0ee.jpg

Shoes (Payless)
TopShop Jeans $40.00
White T-shirt x Shirt (Goodwill) $2.80

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