Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY: Sweater to Cardigan

(Currently packing for my screen writing retreat. Which means I will be MIA for about a week. I will try to update the tumblr and twitter. In the mean time....)

I got a request in my ask box on tumblr:

(The sweater they are talking about is here) So of course I had to do a DIY. Here it is done twice.

1. thermal sweater 2. turtle neck

2 ways to cut the sweater:

1. cutting a long a straight edge 2. folding in half & cut

2 ways to jazz it up:

1. sew on some buttons 2. with a turtle neck: make a collar

now wear and enjoy

Both sweaters were found at Salvation Army. The thermal was $4.50 and the floral one was $2.85

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