Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 things I am in love with... right now

5. Happy Hours
So I actually don't drink but since my best friend J.mena has moved back happy hours have become our jam. She drinks and we both eat!

instagram: missestelle

4. being the [guttersnipe] queen of summertime
My girl Kim sent me this photo via my facebook and it's so true. I really just want to be the queen of summertime.

3. Icona Pop
I posted about them before. Their song "I Love It" has become my 2012 summer anthem.

2. Pen Pals
Nate Assmilk is my pen pal. And he is the best pen pal ever. He sent me a lovely gift (will be posting about it soon...) and I sent him a Huf tank as a thank you gift. Fuck the internet: get a pen pal!

(photo via Nate's tumblr)

1. frank ocean
I freaking love frank ocean! Ask anyone. I love him as an artists and I don't want to be a groupie. I just want to be his best friend. Really tho. I just want to write poetry with him. 

My friend Gabby and I bought our tickets for his July 13th show in Seattle (Which is now sold out...) and I've been bumping his newest song now stop.

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