Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 things I am in love with... right now DOUBLE Heard

So this is a double feature. My usually top five loves right now but as a bonus listing my top 5 favorite male musical artists right now - in honor of it being #dreamboatTuesday of course.

Top 5: Music 

5. Kids These Days
Now they do have a great girl singer, so this might be a cop out, however I can not stop playing their latest mixtape Traphouse Rock. I posted about it on #theintern. Download it. Like now.

4. Earl Sweatshirt
I not a die hard odd future fan. I just admire their wild taste and crazy ruckus they have brought to the music industry. I'll be honest, I've looked over Earl, but after his latest song CHUM, I am utterly impressed.

3. Conner Youngblood 
He's a mellow dude with a voice like a sunday morning. He's a strong song writer with the ability to leave people in a trance. I recently have a little nice twitter conversation which lead me to believe he is down to earth, kind, funny and a people person.

2. Kendrick Lamar
I've seen Kendrick live 5 times. Sadly, 2 of them were not his best shows, however he is bloody brilliant. I actually went out and bought his album and it was worth every penny.

1. J. Cole
All I want for my birthday is.... J. Cole. He is too word smith, rapper, poet, jokester, now producer, and all around fine ass. I went out and bought his first album and it became my soundtrack for the end of 2011 to pretty much now. If you don't like him; you suck. If you don't know about him; learn now. And if you are a fan; welcome to the club.

5 Things I am in love with.... right now.

5. Cupcakes
For my birthday people gave me hella cupcakes and I've been loving it! Plus my mother made me cupcakes. And since they are cupcakes, you don't feel as guilty with them because they are tinier then an actually piece of cake.

4. Daylight Savings
I actually like it getting dark early. It's because I am a massive lover of fall and winter. 

3. Printed Leggings
I am one of those people who wearing leggings as pants. Yeah, I said it. Sue me. I just have to say if you are going to do it, having printed leggings is the best. 

2. Sewing
I had two shirts already and now working on a skirt. I am on a role and loving. I think it's because I moved my sewing machine into my room and I got a mannequin as a birthday present from my parents. 

1. #JordanYear
I am 23. And Loving it. But here's why.

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