Sunday, November 4, 2012

saving time

I've been loving wearing body suits recently. I don't know what it is. They do keep you warm during these cold times. But they are a bitch to take off if you have to use the restrooms. Just saying...

I went out last night, only because it was day lighting savings so technically they bars were open one hour later. I brought glow sticks in the bar I usually go too and easily become the life of the party. Drunk people LOVE their glow sticks.

jeans (freebie - found in a friends goodwill pile)
belt (hand-me-down)
body suit (from my mother)
sweater (Goodwill) $4.75
Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00
Necklace (Goodwill) $1.99

On the subject of drunk people, I went thrifting the other day with my girl j.mena and found some great "college" inspired swag in the 99 cents t-shirt rack. Who said you had to go to college to look this awesome? 


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