Saturday, November 3, 2012

milk does the body some good.

crazy, wild night for me. I don't where to begin or if it truly ever ended. Point being my friend Mike and I did some stupid things and made good stories to never tell a soul. Or we posted them on instagram and everyone will soon find out...

Oops! So much for the internet being where people post private stuff. 

Side note: That rose gold watch my aunt gave me for my birthday is killing it in the game. So fake and so classy. Only a guttersnipe can pull that off.

Shoes (Shoe Dazzle) $30.00
Leggings (Black Milk*)
Shirt (ex-boyfriend shirt) stolen it & kept it
Black Sweater (TopShop Men)
Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00
Bamboo Earrings (Sally Beauty Supply) $3.50

*Where should I even begin on these leggings. My sister is first off, the dopest, coolest human ever for coping me a pair for my birthday. Apparently she went through a lot to get me these bad boys. Claire - I love you, you know that. I can't thank you enough. P.s. I want more :)

They fit like a glove, keep me super warm, and best of all I feel like I am not wearing anything. I can dance, sleep, act like a boss, and still look good all at the same time. I am not big on "being sexy" but damn! These make me feel too good.

Wanna get on my level? Well... Got (Black) Milk?

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